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A Way To Encourage People We love To look Inward.

Sat talks about how to approach close people we love to look inward.

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Question: Is there a way to talk to the close people we love and interact with, so that we don’t draw them deeper into maya? Is there a way to encourage them to look inward even if they didn’t ask?

Sat: We have to pick and choose. It is a very touchy place to be in. I think the most important thing is your example of joyfulness and tranquility that would make them ask you [about it].
But if you are talking about your children or somebody very close to you, whenever you are in a situation where you could advise, when it is something that is deeper than the surface in a very short conversation, you could throw it in. But repetition of the same thing is not going to work; forcefulness is not going to work, involuntarily advising is not going to work. Like I said, pick and choose and be very short in your advice rather than giving the whole philosophy to someone.
I think the most important thing is your own example; people are not blind, even very close family. They see it, they see how you react to situations, how loving you are, how giving you are, how much you have more peace than you used to have before. We just show patience and not too much enthusiasm.
Question: What do you mean by being short rather than long?
Sat: Sometimes when we know a lot about the Truth or the good way of life, when we start, we go on and on and on. When trying to approach someone very gently with something that will improve their life, don’t make it a long conversation. Something profound, as a matter of fact and just move on, don’t stay there to explain and make it a long story, because then it might be too much for them.
So, when I say “quick” it means do not preach to them. Just say something that really works for them in a very simple language and in a very short amount of time. I think that is the best approach. At least that is the way I feel, particularly when it is a child or our children. I know that in My life if I was giving too much or too much repetition, it would backfire. It is best to be quiet and find your best time to approach and advise or guide them.

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December 07, 2023

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