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You Are the Light

Sat discusses with parents how to best use the practice of "You Are the light" with our children at different ages.

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You Are the Light

Summary: Sat discusses with parents how to best use the practice of "You am the light" with our children at different ages.

Question: Sat Jan, You said to us last time that the main gift you can give your child is to tell them the Truth of who they are and I really want to do this for Luca, but I’m not sure I always know exactly how to do this. I’ve told him he is the light so many times that he has a certain reaction to it like, “Yea, yea, yea, I know.” I think I’ve come a long way myself with knowing who I’m not, though I can’t say that I know exactly who I am. Can You help me give this main gift any better?

Sat: Yea, when you say that repeatedly to the child that he or she is the light and then when they get older, yes that’s what their reaction is; “Yea, yea, sure.” But believe Me if I tell you through My own personal experience with My grown up children, that it leaves a footprint in their consciousness, in their being, that is subtle and is not seen by the eyes but it affects their life much more profoundly than anything else. I would say the thing that you can do, now that they are grown up, instead of repeating they are the light leisurely, keep that sentence for when they are hurt or something is bothering them. Then you can say, “Well, you are the light, what can affect you?” I would go instead of repeating it often to choosing your time to tell him that. And when you say it, for a moment, realize that you are telling the Truth. As if you are doing Omnipresent Meditation - if you can. That is much more effective.

With My grandchildren, because I’m not with them all the time, I only say “you are the light” when there is a need. Now with My own kids, until they were five, I was saying it many times a day in different situations. Now, I remember Bodhi, one of My grandsons, the other day fell on the staircase and he was limping into the bedroom. I said, “Are you okay?” He said, “I’m okay, but my knee hurts.” I said, “Who are you?” He said, “I am the light.” I said, “That’s right and light cannot get hurt.” And then he started walking normally. So maybe you can use it at a time like this.

Parenting Conference Call
You Are The Light
March 6, 2021

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