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You Are Much Greater Than This

Sat talks about how having quality and sincerity with our children makes us grow too.

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-Saranya talks about Sat’s words last time about spending quality time with one’s children. She talks about how she has been doing that and telling her girls, “You are much more than this … you are much greater than this” when they would get overly emotional. She says that she could see a change in them and noticed that she is not criticizing them and how she can understand the small joys they experience. When she herself feels down she follows that same advice she has been telling her girls herself, and lifts herself up in those times. She talks about how she has been feeling that difference herself. She thanks Sat for this.
Sat: I love your sharing, I love your sharing. When we have quality and sincerity with our children, it really, really makes us grow too. A family comes together, either they can mess up each others’ lives or they can illuminate each others’ lives. Thank God we are really listening to the Truth and applying it and illuminating each other’s life. I am sure all of us have had incidents when even the child comes to us and reminds us of what we have told them, that’s illumination.

Parenting Call
You Are Much Greater Than This
April 2, 2022

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