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Why Do Bad Things Happen? Fear

Sat gives advice to parents to direct their child to the treasure house within themselves where they can always find comfort and protection.

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Question: How do we explain to children why bad things happen? Can we have a tool to give them?
Sat: It is a beautiful question, “Why is it like this?” It is very hard for a child to grasp the answer that this is the nature of duality, the body, etc. that we give for grownups. I would say direct them again, direct them back, tell them we are lucky that we have this treasure house within ourselves where we can always find comfort and protection. The more we visit it, the more we are benefitting from it. That is all we can do and say and that is what we do as grownups. We see it, it is unbelievable if we show curiosity to the world how damaging this curiosity is.
We also tell our children to use their curiosity in their inner life. Meaning leave everything outside alone, just make sure you know where your peace is and you can always go there at all times; that’s it! There is no other remedy or answer to that question.
I have to tell you, in My childhood, I started experiencing fear, fear of different things, fear of the dark, fear of little animals, worms, frogs, etc. just fear. A child does not know why it is uncomfortable, etc. The reason that each child develops more and more fear is because it cannot understand this world. It does not belong in this world. Its nature is not of this world. And what was My remedy when My fears found a huge peak in My consciousness? Spirituality, meditation, an inner life!
Here we are as parents because we have fed ourselves the spiritual life and we choose to have faith in God, faith in Guru, love in our heart and have tools to eliminate those damages. [And] we are giving it to our children from the very get go. Look at the fortune we have because the fear only increases. There is no one in this world that cannot testify to the fact that the bigger they got, the older they got, they did not experience more and more fear that turns to anxiety, panic attacks, depression, etc. We are giving our children a chance to not accumulate these traits, by seeing, by hearing, and that is remedy to all of it. That is it!
Honestly, I have said that to you guys so many times, the only thing that gets Me, and makes Me sad or angry is that I feel bad that the whole humanity does not know it to teach their newborn. That frustrates Me, but the joy is to see that all of us are helping our children instead of accumulating to be able to handle it, to have a choice. That is epic!

Parenting Call
Why Do Bad Things Happen? Fear
August 6, 2022

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