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The Mother Is The Foundation

Sat gives guidance to parents on how to teach good behavior and values to children.

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The Mother Is the Foundation
Summary: Sat gives guidance to parents on how to teach good behavior and values to children.

Sat: Make sure they [children] don’t lie. I think I overdid it, in some cases. They were not allowed, not even as a kid of two [years old], to say a fib or I would blow up with discipline. Not screaming, but with discipline. That was the only principle that I would not let deviate [from]. And also bad words. If they said even leisurely something that they thought was funny, I would wash their mouth [out].
Question: Until what age?
Sat: Until ten. I didn’t wash their mouths at ten, but they had a consequence. And then after that I backed up, the spirituality, discipline and everything I backed up.
Question: After ten?
Sat: Yes, after ten or twelve.
Question: Do You have advice for us just to be better parents?
Sat: Be your best. Be your best, because it will give you joy, just be your best. And that best is the best for you and the best always varies from day to day. Some days you will be more giving than the other days, and some days you will have more tolerance than the other days. But each day you do your best.
Question: You push yourself to be your best?
Sat: I don’t know if I pushed Myself.
Question: You were just Your best?
Sat: My love made me be My best. I embraced being a mother, and he embraced being a father.
We couldn’t do any better. I think all of you are doing the same thing. You can’t all be the same. I had this motherly nature all My life, so that was inborn in Me, where other people worked or different things like My mother did, I didn’t. It’s just different. Believe Me, there are no rules and regulations that good parents will have good kids and bad parents will have terrible kids, you never know. One thing is principle, dignity and truthfulness in the house are essential. There is no joking around and [then] try to be an example. If you don’t want your child to lie, you better not lie.
Private Conversation

Sat: What we don’t understand, which is a very important thing, is that we also came here to develop more understanding and more unconditional love. What I mean by unconditional love from a mother is a love without memory, love without memory. You don’t want your child to scream, don’t scream. You don’t want your child to cuss, don’t cuss. You don’t want your child [to be an] alcoholic, don’t drink. You don’t want your child on drugs, quit using marijuana or anything else, just quit. [What] you don’t want them to do, leave an example.
When the kids were growing up, we did not have a drop of alcohol in this house. We drank before, but before I got pregnant I put them all away. And that is the truth, not a drop. We never ever fed a lie, ever, during that time. We got our act together; this is what I’m trying to say. We made a pact to never raise our voice. If we had a fight, it should not be in front of the kids, why? Because we wanted to have good kids. But the thing is, the foundation is the mother and the mother has to live by an example. What is the example? The mother has to have understanding that she never had before. Mother has to have love without fear, without authority, but with tremendous discipline. We become a friend to our child through understanding, not doing the same thing they do. Do you see what I’m saying?
Private Convo
Dec 2012

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