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The Light Didn’t Protect Me

Sat explains to Parents how to approach when a child says “My light betrayed me.”

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Question: The other day a child who has been told they are the light, said, “My light betrayed me … I hit my leg very hard on the table and it hurt. How was it that the light was looking after me and I still hurt myself? Maybe my light wasn’t looking after me?”
How can I respond, I always told him the light would protect him?
Sat laughs wholeheartedly and says: What a smart kid! Well, the way I would explain it to the child is that their reality is that light, is God, and the more they believe that, the less they experience the pain. Things do happen in life, you will fall, you will get hurt, but once you realize for a moment when you are having pain that you are that Godliness and light, the pain decreases. And I know for a fact it does, I am talking about My own experience and My kids. I have seen My grandchildren when I told them, “Please concentrate on that” and they said the pain went away.
So, we have to explain to the child it’s not about eliminating the events in life, because you can’t, but by really concentrating on that more than your pain, it goes away.
And as far as protection goes, again, we have to emphasize that knowing this light is around you is very, very effective, even at the time that you have to experience something and that has to be said to the temperament of the mother. It is not word for word what I am saying, I am just sharing with you that it does take the pain away. I have seen it healing miraculously within seconds, something that could have been much worse. Yes, you can explain it to your child the way you think he or she will understand, and she or he has to also understand that events and accidents do happen in life but those of us that know about our own light actually decrease the effect of it.

Parenting Meeting
The Light Didn’t Protect Me
April 2, 2022

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