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Spend Quality Time with Children

Sat discusses the importance of spending quality time with our children.

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Spend Quality Time with Children

Summary: Sat discusses the importance of spending quality time with our children.

Question 1: In Chapter 3 of I am the Child it says, “Here I would like to point the reader’s attention to the fact that loving your child is more than just being loving; it requires embracing the role of motherhood and fatherhood.”
What does it mean to embrace the role of motherhood and fatherhood?
Sat: You know, perhaps this writing is not so suitable for your group because you already know how to raise your children above the ordinary way of raising [them]. But so many parents are very loving but they don’t give their children quality; they give quantity of things because of their own guilt that they are not spending quality time with their child!
Now, they are loving parents, no doubt about that, but they are not wise parents! I am 100% sure that if you spend 1 hour a day, half an hour a day with your daughter and son with extreme quality, it is far better than constantly observing them, telling them what to do, what not do to, go here, go there, do this and do that, sit down, get up, etc. It is more effective; this is what I am trying to say. It really is more effective, somehow in that half an hour of heart to heart, the child gets so much out of their relationship and learns so much deeper than the parents who feel that they are available but they really are not. Or they are so busy attending to their own things that they reciprocate this quality time with toys, with food, with sugar, with all sorts of things. Thinking that since they cannot be with their child 24/7, then they fail, so let’s replace it with things. But you don’t have to be watchful of your child 24/7, as far as quality goes. Half an hour, one hour, and I mean heart to heart where you have no other agenda, no thinking of “after here I am going to go cook” or “I have to do something for work.” Try it, I am sure you guys are doing it but if you haven’t - and see how fulfilling it is.
Yesterday, I had quality with My older son. He is married and has two kids and he knows that I am not into quantity. I don’t want to see My kids every day now that they are grown up, why? They have their own life but once in a while … [for example] yesterday we went for a hike for two hours and I feel so fulfilled that it can go for months and months and months. I am so full and satisfied and content and that is a relationship that is much older than your children’s age. The two hours we spent together was so powerful for both of us, it was so meaningful to both of us and had so much depth and quality to it that I Myself am completely satisfied and so full. That is the importance of quality. This is how I was during My time with My children, of course I was around because I was not a working mother, but I didn’t allow this quantity to be enough. To say “Well, I am always with My kids …” yes, but where is your head, how many minutes a day do you really, really give to your child? Or do you pretend? So, that is a really big point.
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