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Speak to Us of Raising Children

In this excerpt from Sat's book, Most Precious, Sat discusses the best way to raise children.

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Most Precious Question 19. “Speak to us of raising children.”

A. You raise children by raising your own consciousness. The rest is easy. Once you know the Truth, the Truth will be known; don't worry about your offspring. They will grow up according to their own path as manifest Self. And as unmanifest, they always are pure and untarnished. Your work is to love and encourage them, and most of all, to see their reality as you see or attempt to see your own. Children are not children. Only their bodies and minds are small. They are not your children, nor is there a reason for belonging. Yet while they are in the body you have a chance to play the game, to love them as yourself. This is all the responsibility you need to feel toward them. As we are One, we are also free.

From Sat's book, "Most Precious," page 60.

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