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Self Confidence, Independence And Joy

Sat tells parents to prepare their children for the world by giving them tools and teaching them to rely on the Source

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Mandana: We raise our children in a safe environment so they feel free to be who they are, but then when they go out there, it is not a safe environment, and they keep getting hurt because they still have that innocence.

Sat: What you are saying is more catering to your child and serving them, that you call protection. To Me, protection is equip your child to have incredible self-confidence, independence and joy! But in the worldly way, we call ‘protection’ to make sure they are good on everything, they are safe, etc. which is fine. But the emphasis goes on feeding them well, loving them well, having a house that is good, but what we are talking about again Mandana is not for the child to not know about the world, to protect them from.
We are teaching them how to deal with it. Do you see the difference? Each stage is different. What you say to a two-year-old to prepare them for the outer world is very little. It is more like making sure you do not draw on their vessel. But as they become teenagers or even older, the tools have to be given to them, from the very get go. When the world makes you angry, when there is an unfairness, where do you go to eliminate this anger? Where do you go to rely on the Source? How do you go Home to escape too much activity of the mind?

That is what I mean- to give them a good map. Otherwise, every good mother, as you are will do everything to make sure that the house is comfortable, the parents are loving; you work hard to bring good education to them, etc. As this book says, these are fantastic and must be done but it is not enough to prepare them for the society. It is self-confidence and not in the personality that is weak and shaky but in who they are. Namaste.

USA Chat
August 14, 2022

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