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Satsang With Children - Trust Meditation

Sat talks to Reno community children about how to keep their peace and be happy by trusting the Promise in their heart. She guides the children to do the Trust Meditation followed by Q/A

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Sat: Let’s sit up straight. Now, I want you guys to understand something very important in your life. And that is, in life, listen carefully to Me, if we don’t have that confidence in ourselves then we become too sensitive and one minute we are not happy and one minute we are happy. So listen to this very carefully because every word that is being said in this meditation is the Truth and if you use it - listen carefully - when you use it, you will be very successful and very happy and you will be always protected because you know where to go and how to keep your peace. So we’re going to start meditating. Close your eyes and listen very, very openly to what is being said.

The following Trust Mediation for Children is played:

Sat: Sit comfortably. Take a deep breath. Let it out, gently. Do it again. Take a deep breath in, but a soft one, and then slowly let it out. Now relax your head and face, your forehead and your mouth. Just relax them. Relax your arms and your hands. Relax your fingers. Relax your stomach and legs. Feel how quiet it is inside of you. Just feel it. Listen to this quietness. Now I am going to tell you a secret. And this secret is very, very important and very beautiful. I want to tell you of a treasure that is inside of your heart. An amazing treasure. It is there for you to know about it and to remember it. Not everyone knows about this treasure, but now I will let you know what that treasure is. Keep it for yourself and use it. Remember, when you open this treasure, there is a promise that God put there. And it is all yours. All you have to do is to trust this promise. This promise of God that says, “I love you and I will always take care of you and your family. Do not fear, do not worry.”

So we don’t forget this promise and we trust it. And we have to always remember this promise is with us at all times, everywhere. Whenever we let go of fear and concern or worries or any unpleasant things like anger or anything, all we have to do is to remember our promise in that treasure box. Just relax and rely or remember this promise that will take care of you and your life. So tell yourself, I will never have to fear or be concerned. I believe that promise is with me. You know why God put it there? Because you and God cannot be separated. You are always the light of God. So remember this promise and remember your silence and never be concerned for anything in your life because now you know this secret. Now you know the treasure house and you know what is in it and what it does for you.

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Sat: You can slowly open your eyes. Did you understand it, all of you? How many of you will use this secret? (All 4 children raise their hands to indicate yes)

Mastan: Oh I will, definitely.

Sat: Because it’s the Truth. Do you have any questions any of you?

Mastan: How do we Trust?

Sat: By believing it.

Mastan: You just kind of believe it?

Sat: You believe it more than anything else. Say when you get afraid, then you remember the promise and go with the promise more than your fear because that is the Truth and the fear isn’t. That’s how you do it. Just by remembering. Anybody else? Did you guys enjoy it? (said to the grown ups who all nod yes) Now, when we were growing up, we didn’t know about this and we gave ourselves a lot of unnecessary worries but now we do know. And look how lucky you guys are that you know it at your age. But what use is it if you don’t use it? That’s it for tonight.

Farnaz: So nighttime is a good time to do this with our kids?

Sat: Whenever they want to. I would say the best time is when they feel unbalanced or they are being fooled by something that is not real or they think they have problems or they have anxiety and then they listen to this. Better than listening to this, is remembering it. But if you feel like you forgot then you listen.

Luca: I think I used a lot of Your tools when I was in the hospital. I was really struggling. I had needles in my arm, a lot of bad things. So my mom does light meditation with me and the next day I wake up and I can walk again and I got to leave the hospital. So I think Your tools helped me get out of the hospital.

Sat: I’m very happy to hear that.

Mastan: Good job Luca, you used Sat’s tools.

Sat: Yes, he is a very smart kid. You’re a very smart kid because later on when you grow up in your life, you will be able to help your own children and other people because you used them and you know what they are.

Mastan: Hey Sat - I also like listening to Your audios at night. I don’t go to sleep until I listen to them. They really help me at night.

Sat: Thank you for helping yourself. I wish everybody did that.

Mastan: Will You keep making me audios if I need them?

Sat: Absolutely, any time. Anybody else?
<To Bahar> I am so glad you did the meditation with him in the hospital. Two days ago, I had Sama with Me and she is just four years old. And as she was getting in the car, something happened to her eyes and she was screaming - she couldn’t open them. I said “Let Me blow in them - take your hands off,” and she wouldn’t have it. I said with authority, I said, “Sama you are the light and nothing can happen to you.” And she didn’t pay attention at first because she’s that not familiar with it. Again, she was hurting so bad. I said, “Sama, hear Majoon, what I’m telling you - you are the light and this cannot hurt you.” And immediately she opened her eyes and she was just fine.

When I say you are the light - really I am telling you the Truth. And also, this meditation of the Trust - as you grow up - if there is any situation that comes up that you don’t know what to do - all you do is to Trust and let it go. Particularly for you guys who are at school - say you have an exam coming - instead of having anxiety about it, just Trust. You do your studies, but Trust. And that is the secret. Because like I said, this promise within you is greater than any problem that anybody can have. And if you rely on it, then you see the result, like when I say you are the light. It is the same.

Mastan: Thank you, Sat.

Sat: Well, good night kids. Go and have a great time this evening.

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May 30, 2022

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