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Reminding Children to Practice

Sat guides parents on the best way to remind children to practice.

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Question: What I I really want to know is the best way of reminding my children of this practice of putting your hand on your heart and feeling the gratitude. What's the best way for me to remind my kids to put their hand on their heart and have gratitude? I do it, I don't even know, countless times a day. And several times I've told my whole family what I'm doing. I don't wanna turn it into something I'm telling them to do and have it lose its power. So I wanna know the best way to help them experience what I'm experiencing with it?

Sat: Back off. Back off. This is your practice for now, and a month from now it could be something else. Just let them be. They already have a recording that says … you see, the thing is that for parents, when they repeat themselves, their child goes deaf. And I mean it, they go deaf. They tune you completely off and it is damaging more than beneficial because they start turning you off. It is not profitable because they are tuning you off. So back off. You just do your thing. Enjoy it. And the benefit goes to the whole family.

Radha: Thank You so much. And thank You so much for the audio and all of the audios. When the kids get to hear You and Your words - I don't have words for what that is …

Sat: I will make more but just remember - all of you remember - what I'm saying. It is very important - please do. Remember, there is only one consciousness. It is not divided, even though we feel like it is divided and that the consciousness of our child is different than ours. But I'm not talking about their character and behavior. There is only one existence. So when you, as a mother or a father, transcend a lot of junk and lies and false, and as parents you expand your consciousness to less garbage, who do you think gets the benefit? If there is only one consciousness and you are connected to your children through the chain of love, should you worry? No. Sometimes if the child is receptive, we do meditation with them. We put the tape before they go to sleep. But to offer them every practice we do, everything we do, it is not necessary. Let them be.

Parenting Chat
August 19, 2023

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