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Raising a Self-Confident and Capable Child

Sat discusses the importance of embracing parenthood and teaching children how to reach within to find peace and happiness.

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Sat: Here I would like to point the reader’s attention to the fact that loving your child is more than just being loving; it requires embracing the role of motherhood and fatherhood. A child’s home is all the child knows for the first few years. In that home, the child should be told as often as possible that they are divine, they are the light which shines as bright as the sun, they are joy, pure joy. In the home, the family should put aside a time that works for them lighting candles, playing soft, meditative music, and teaching the child silent sitting. These periods are antidotes to all the world’s noise that the child by his keen observation is taking in. We need to give to our child what we did not get. We cannot continue having the same approach to raising children that we resented our own parents for having. Yet most tend to gravitate towards that direction. We need to be careful not to pass on what caused us discord in our childhood. Spending time, having heart to heart time with your child, even before they can talk, is showing our presence in their life. Activities like walking in nature and teaching them how to listen wholly to the sound of a creek teaches them to stay present. Just turning their attention to the silence that surrounds nature keeps the natural state visible.

Parents who out of their own understanding, guide their child to reach within to find peace, joy and silence, or to reach within to find solutions, are raising a self-confident and capable child. These little changes in our parenting will ensure a balanced child, a happy child. A child who is using his or her unbounded capability is a brilliant light onto him or herself and those who enter his or her life. They are truly a gift to humanity. These children will not have their consciousness filled with the concept of “lack” but of “abundance.”

Is this not worth it? Is this not far more beneficial than giving endless toys and things to pacify our child for a few hours which results in developing more desire that creates more emotional ties? This in turn causes the child pain and heartache and later the habit of chasing the rainbow throughout his or her life. Is this type of love mixed with wisdom in the home not far better than anything we can provide to ensure the child’s wellness? Now should we not prepare ourselves as parents by raising our own consciousness, which will translate into raising our child rightfully?

-From: “I Am the Child” P.28-30

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