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Passive & Alert Attention

Sat talks about passive and alert attention, attention has to be alert of not mixing

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Question: We are currently reviewing the “Mind” chapter from “I Am the child.” In it, You tell the story of how Stop Meditation came to You at the mall and go on to say, “Everything in my life had changed forever, yet nothing seemed to have moved. My meditation became watching, unmoved, unshaken, aloof to what I was looking at, a passive gaze. I was able to confront the thoughts that were so real, so frightening in a very deep stillness, with or without eyes closed, with or without sitting down. I kept my attention unwaveringly still, like a cat that is about to catch a fish. My whole being was a blade of undivided attention, seeing movements without mixing with them or being moved by them. I would stay full attention. In the beginning, as before, the thoughts were many. But this time, something had dramatically changed. Now I was able to just BE.” Our question here is when You say, “I would stay full attention,” what was the attention on?

Sat: The attention was fully there but it wasn’t moving. The attention became passive and alert. In other words, you were present but you kept the attention from moving forward, or upward or any direction. You just sat there, relaxed because if you don’t remind yourself to relax the attention can cause tension. You just sit. And it is very, very important for children to do this mediation with their parents. More important than anything else.

In the time of meditation, you just teach them that you just stay, unmoved. Then remind them, “Just stay, all is good. Just stay and watch.” And they might ask, “What is it to watch?” Whatever it is. Just be present. And it needs full attention because once you go unconscious, the attention is already mixed. So the attention has to be alert of not mixing. You're keeping it very close to your heart. And then little by little, particularly in the kids, they don’t have to hold on to it. They automatically become awake - means conscious - just by remembering.

So I would sit down - and I had a lot of fearful, threatening thoughts that I had gone with and they had caused Me depression and anxiety. I would just sit down willingly and happily. Just stay. Fully awake. You know it’s like a person who’s a nightwatch in the military or wherever. As soon as they get sleepy, they have to become conscious. And in this case, when a child is conscious, it sees nothing but silence. The weirdest part is this. So that’s how it is.

Imagine - the child that is raised being reminded to be conscious - to be here and alert and unmoved. Oh my God, what would happen in that life? Our children because of the curiosity they have for the world, and they should have it, [it] keeps them very, very unconscious. And please as parents, do not think that you have to do more or you have to be a better parent. Please don’t do that to yourself.

Whatever I'm saying, don’t allow your mind to tell you, “Now we gotta do this .. we gotta do this from this moment on.” Just listen to Me - just hear Me out - and everything else will happen automatically. And this is a good practice also for the parents, when they remember, to ask themselves, “Am I conscious? Do I feel that I am present in this moment?” And if we don’t remember, we don’t remember. There is no goal in this life to achieve. We just want a better, sweeter life daily.

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November 05, 2022

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