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Our Children Have Grace

In this short audio excerpt from a conference call on parenting, Sat discusses how our children have unbelievable grace.

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Kavi: I have had some quality time with my son the last few days. I have shared with You before that he asks for the Light Meditation a lot. I was walking with him the other day and all of a sudden, he stopped, put his arms around me and was just so happy. He is so happy and has so much trust in the comfort around us. I just thought this would not have been this way, had I not had You in our lives, had You not taught us how to be happy ourselves and how to give this to our children- this peace and comfort that I never had growing up. I really wanted to thank You; I think he is so lucky that he has a rock from You that he can sit on and feel good, thank You.
Sat: I totally agree with you; it is unbelievable grace that our children have to have parents that have a deeper understanding of life and they can therefore gain their peace and can have a home that is peaceful, have this type of a relationship, etc. honestly this is not common! Even the most loving home that the parents are extremely loving towards the children, still, in their loving way they are conditioning their children to their belief system. But with us, we are very careful through our own understanding to not condition our children with what no longer suits us. Yes, it is an unbelievable fortune!

Parenting Call
Our Children Have Grace
November 27, 2021

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