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Nourish Your Child from the Source

Sat discusses how to bring balance to your child's life by feeding their soul.

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Sat: After a long day of activity, children should feel the peace and tranquility of their home. Children must be raised in a calm environment. Children who are involved in too many activities outside of school develop mental and spiritual deficiencies.

Children, at times, should be at home after the day’s activities are over, and should spend their time in silence and peace, so they are saturated in their own Being. The highest goal of the parents with regards to their children should be to create an atmosphere of quiet in the home by chanting together, listening to calm music, sitting in silence and meditating together. Although young children do not need to meditate, they should be told, “Close your eyes for a few moments and know that you are in the light.”

They should sing songs and sit silently in their parents’ arms; this is what feeds a child’s soul. As long as a child’s soul is not fed, there will be no balance created among the mind, emotions and body. At times the body might become weak, or the mind might become weak, or the child may be weak with respect to his or her emotions. Put your children to bed by chanting, and wake them up in the morning with the same chant.

Every morning when they wake up or whenever you are leaving your children, tell them that they are in the light, and remind them of this over and over again. We must constantly remind our children, because the world brings about forgetfulness, so we must act in the opposite manner.

Nourish their souls as much as possible, the more the better! Don’t forget that your children are the most important thing in your life. Nourish their souls as much as possible, because spiritual nourishment is much more beneficial than worldly nourishment, like extra-curricular classes or engaging in other worldly activities. I know parents who take their children from soccer to piano lessons, and then on to French lessons. The result is that both parent and child become exhausted. A parent is not just a chauffeur; their job is to nourish the child’s soul. What can children really gain by engaging in all of these worldly endeavors? I am not saying that a child should not play piano or learn five different languages, but before filling a child’s mind with all of these worldly things, we must first plant the seed of Truth there; then we can add all the other extras.

-From Aug 2015 newsletter, “Raising Children Through the Art of Living,” Page 22

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