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Nail Biting

Sat advises parents on how to help their children with nail biting.

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Question: What is the best way to help a child stop biting their nails?
Sat: By observing your child, instead of being quick about repeating ‘do not chew your nail,’ observe your child. When do they do it? When they are excited, when they are angry, when they are fearful? Just by observing for a while and then give him a tool. If you see that he is excited when he is doing it, help him to be able to handle this excitement in a way that is not causing him nervousness. Just by observing, just observe your child more than the words that you tell him. We know very little about our kids, because we are so busy talking to them. Just sit back and observe them, get to know them.
In other words, let’s not be somebody who is a know it all, when we come to our kids, let’s say ‘we don’t know what to do … we don’t why he is doing that but let Me find out by observing.’

Parenting Call
Nail Biting
August 6, 2022

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