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My Child Trust Her Father More Than Me
What Should I Do?

Sat explains the child's tendencies and where they come from. She then guides the parents on how to handle such situations.

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Sudabeh: I have a problem with Eileen - she loves her daddy very much and her priority is her daddy. When she asks me a question and I answer her, she doesn’t believe my answer and then asks her daddy. It’s a lot and it disturbs her daddy when he’s teaching or studying but she doesn’t like my answers. She only believes and trusts her daddy’s answers.

Sat: I don’t know what to say because we never know - this is really important because I experienced it in My life with My kids and other people's kids. The child that is attracted to one parent more than the other, it really has nothing to do with you at this time. In other words, in this lifetime, it has nothing to do with, “What did I do? Why doesn’t she come to me? Why is she more attached to the father?” It comes from another lifetime. You don't know what kind of relationship they had in another lifetime where she promised herself that I want to understand my dad more if I see that person I want to give more than i did before. Something like that. And it’s really bizarre because in this life, we wonder why our children are like this but really they are fulfilling a wish they had before. And it’s not clear to us because we don’t have the memory or were not in the same life with them. I would say don’t push it. The only thing you can do is for the dad to tell her, “Listen when I’m busy leave me alone. Go ask your mom.” But it has to come from him, not you. She needs to find the discipline about this subject from her dad where he will insist that he needs to be left alone, not you telling her to do that.

It’s really amazing how as parents we are really navigating in the life of the child without much information from the past. And all the parents now they come to me and they wonder why their child acts like this or why it’s like this and it’s really a puzzle because we don’t have the whole picture - the tendencies are not yet built in this life - it was carried into this life. So it’s a hard job to be a parent who sort of tap dances around [the] unknown. But we are doing our best. I am still doing My best and I know that all of you are. But remember to have a broader vision that sometimes it’s out of our hands and sometimes all this stuff we see in our kids has a lot to do with another lifetime.

Parenting Chat
November 05, 2022

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