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Meditation With A New Born Baby

Sat gives advice to a mother and father on how to meditate with their newborn baby.

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Question (from mother): Sat joon, How can I meditate with my new born baby? He is just like too young and is doing his own thing. Is there a way I can make him focus and experience a good meditation?
Sat: When the baby is being nursed, just go in a quiet place, a happy place and stay there. That's all you have to do. Don't look around or text people or…. just stay. Stay put with him, no talking when you're nursing, just concentrating in your heart and even forgetting your that extent!
Question (from father): What about me, since I do not have this opportunity? How can I do it?
Sat: When you look at him, recognize, recognize “ is far more than this little body. Ah...!” and just stay again. Even for a few seconds, just stay. That's what I did.


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