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Meditation Becomes A Concept For Young Children

Sat explains that when you say to a small child, “let’s sit down and meditate,” it becomes a concept.

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Someone shares an experience and says that she has taught her nieces who are 4 and 9 to meditate with her in the mornings. A few days ago, her 4-year-old niece came and said, “Are we not the light, do we not meditate? Then why doesn’t my older sister share with me? We meditate every day; my sister should not do that.” I felt that she was trying to take advantage of this thing that she is doing for herself (meditating) and using it to her own benefit. I also felt as though she was building up an idea or concept in her head about people who meditate, how they should act, etc. I thought she might also be setting herself up for people owing her, as a bridge to get what she wants for herself. I told her I would think about it and get back to her. Can You guide me on this?
Sat: Well, first of all, it is not necessary for a four-year-old to sit down and meditate. They are too young; it is good when they are throwing a tantrum or some sort of feeling is disturbing them to ask them to just be quiet and take deep breaths. But to say to sit down and meditate at that age does become a concept, because they don’t understand.
I usually do not say, “let’s meditate” to children. When we are in the car, for instance, with My grandchildren, I say, “Let’s have a moment of silence.” That is enough for them. As far as saying, “If I am the light, why do these types of things happen?”- it is best to say that when we really realize that we are the light, then we do not care what other people do. We are just content with ourselves. And that is the glory of being the light.
When you say to a small child, “let’s sit down and meditate,” it becomes a concept because they don’t know what is going on.

Parenting Call
Meditation Becomes A Concept For Young Children
August 6, 2022

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