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Importance of Spiritual Foundation For Children

Sat discusses with parents the importance of giving children a spiritual foundation.

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Sharing: We had a neat experience with Luca that I wanted to share with You. We have been doing “Are You with me?” for the past few months before school. We do this if he is nervous about something or before we drop him off before school. The other day he was going to go on a hike with some other kids, and he told us this story later. He had thought they were lost and was a little bit nervous. When he came back home, he told us about getting lost but that he had done “Are You with me?” I thought that was so great that at his age, he is starting to collect some tools that can really help him as he gets older, when he doesn’t know his way. Thank You so much.
Sat: To send a child within, to feel whether it is Guru or formless because “Are You with me?” is pretty formless and it makes no difference but the child has an anchor that he can always feel stability in, in very fearful, agitating situations. This is a must!
Being raised in a very devotional, beautiful family is one way and then for a Westerner is another way. But the main point is that the child needs to find that within their own self. That’s the must that it is not outside of them that they cannot rely on fully, even their parents they cannot rely on fully because as you said, when he went for a walk, his parents were not there, and he had a fear, what is he going to do? He could have gone with the fear or had a tool to say, “Wait a minute, God is Omnipresent and I am going to feel Him, feel that Omnipresent in my heart.” When he said “Are You with me?” and felt confidence - that’s a world of comfort that opened to him and it is priceless. Now whichever way it is, if it is in the form, it is amazing, if it is not, it is amazing, but the parents need to give something like that, because the world is a jungle in the eyes of a child. Yes, that’s the way to raise your children, that’s real confidence. That is not a temporary temperament, it’s really important to have a strong foundation through the parents. Kids never forget.

Parenting Call
September 18, 2021

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