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How To Teach Stop Meditation

Sat discusses how and when to teach our children Stop meditation during this excerpt from a conference call on parenting.

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Question: How do we teach our children Stop meditation? When I tell my son to drop a thought, or let something go, sometimes he can, and sometimes if he is really frustrated, he asks me how. He says he needs a method. How can I best explain this to him?

Sat: I’m very glad that question was asked because when they get older, it’s much easier to teach the Stop mediation. I would sit with him daily instead of saying go and meditate, sit down and say, “I want you to close your eyes and just watch the thoughts come and watch the thoughts go.” And while he’s doing that, the mother can every so often, every one or two minutes, like we do guided meditation, just encourage the child. “Stay, stay, don't be afraid, stay and just watch the thought come and go just like a cloud in the sky. Sometimes it will rain, sometimes it might have a lot of wind with it, but just stay. Stay.” And if the mother can spend some time doing that daily, maybe for 10 minutes, 5 minutes, then the child will learn how to do it and then later on it will happen automatically. And a child that has too many thoughts even at a young age - the ones they observe more - they are more visual - they absorb more - and they just pick up much easier than other kids the impressions that are offered to them - they are more open to that.

Follow up Question: At what age should we start teaching our children Stop meditation like You just described?

Sat: Well, it depends on the child and its readiness and also there are children that are more children for their age and there are children that the tendencies have come to their view much earlier so it all depends. But I think a mother will know when it’s necessary - when a child is nervous, is too sensitive, it feels restless, it feels like it’s hurrying through life - because a person that hurries through life, everything is fast, is because the mind is going with its speed. Then I would say just sitting down - not just leisurely saying, “drop the thought.” Actually sitting down and giving them this method. Now, the importance of the Stop mediation is infinitely important because as these tendencies, these impressions from the past and now gather in the child. The child doesn’t know what’s going on. Neither did we know what’s going on. We still don’t know. And the approach to stop gathering more or being affected with the ones they already have - the only solution is to tell the children who they are and give them the technique to empty themselves so that’s when Stop mediation comes into play and you just sit down with them. But then make sure you are doing it yourself - that you are getting expert at that.

There is no way to deny that the world’s problem is mental. There is no way to deny. Because the body is passive, the spirit is perfect, and the emotions and feelings are connected to the sensitivity of them, it’s connected to the mind and the five senses. So the remedy lies in the problem. We can’t deny the importance of that - please don’t do that - it’s the cause of suffering and the technique is removal of suffering. Period. When I kneeled on the ground at age 18 and screamed for help I had no idea what happened to Me. But now I do - it was the impressions that were gathered in Me. So that’s a good prevention.

When, as parents, we have a quiet, peaceful house and we also emphasize on silence in our home, that alone is incredibly important and I give you an example just to see the difference. When the children grow up and they go on their own - I had that the past 20 years with My own two boys. They are wounded when they come back home - you will see later on that the world is so tense for young ones. And I would have the sitting area filled with candles and very soft music and they would come in all tense. And you could see in their face that as they walk in and they see the candles and the atmosphere of peace, because I was being peaceful, and this burden would drop from their shoulders. Honestly. I cannot tell you how many times that I felt like I would have a clinic here that each kid would come and then after a while they would be themselves again.

So the atmosphere of the house is very important, that there is also time for the mother to unwind with the kids. Where there are no more chores, which should never be more important. Let everything be as it is and just have the candles - and just in the atmosphere of peacefulness so they know they have a refuge that they can always go to. And that also very much helps with the Stop mediation. I’m sure that you all do it, but I just want to emphasize on the importance of it. Even with a small child playing outside - say they are playing for hours or they are in front of a computer, on Zoom, studying. When they turn around and they see their house in tranquility, it’s just something magical to them.


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