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How To Recognize The Child’s Reality

Sat discusses the importance of keeping our children’s vessel empty by feeding and recognizing their reality and divinity.

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“Look at your child not just as a body or somebody. If we only see the body, we miss the truth totally. We need to feed our child, not only with the mother’s milk, but also feed that place within each child, by noticing his or her reality, recognizing his or her divinity, and remembering his or her light. This is the way to keep the vessel empty until the child is able to reject the false by him or herself. This is when the job of the parents is done, and the Art of Living is now in motion in their lives.”
Sat, I AM the child, Chapter 3

Question 1: Can You Please elaborate on what it means to notice your child’s reality and or recognize his or her divinity.
Sat: The way to do it is by expansion of the mother’s consciousness, that makes it a lot easier for the mother. In other words, when the mother realizes that there is only God and the movement of humanity or personality is just a movement on it. I am not saying at all times, [it] depends on our own advancement. Particularly where there is misbehaving from the child or we have some sort of opinion about our children, or even the time that we put him to sleep or when they get up in the morning, we realize for a moment in our own silence that our child is not just this personality and this body. Since God is everything, then the reality of my child, beyond his form, is That; he or she is That, is God. By recognizing even in a split second, it only needs a split second of having this realization, then we have done an amazing amount of true help to our children, even though the child does not know what the mother is doing, even if it is not verbalized. When they are not feeling good, say they have some sort of illness, a cold or whatever it is, again you do that- that is the first thing you do. You go beyond the picture and realize the reality. If [there is] anything that could really affect the situation, [it] is the mother recogniz[ing] the divinity of her child. That is the biggest help we can give our children.
We do this in addition to telling them that they are the light, but sometimes a mother or father saying “you are the light” to their child, becomes just lip service, something that is just said. What has [a] great impact is when you feel your child’s reality or Truth in your own heart.
And of course, you tell them who they are, but it shouldn’t be just verbal, it should be in a quiet place of the mother or father’s heart to see that which is not visible. So, that’s what it is meant by that.
Question 2: Can You please elaborate more on keeping their vessel empty? How do we do this?
Sat: I am trying to find an example to give to demonstrate it. When a mother or father have a fear, a fear of anything that the child is doing- or actually what the child is doing is not that dangerous or what he is saying is not that bad, it’s just that the fear and the hesitation is in the heart of the mother and father, that is the time to not transfer that fear or that memory into your child. That is the time to show bravery and [recognize] the divinity of the child. When we learn a concept through our own childhood, if we don’t question it, we pass it on. To be able to be watchful, be conscious that what we are telling our children is not a belief that will bog them down in the future. If it has bogged us down, then we need to stop saying [it]. But [passing] the same comes automatically as a [reflex], so we have to be watchful of that.
I remember when I was raising the children, because My mother was very cautious and put this cautiousness in My own heart, in My own vessel, I tried the hardest way to watch My behavior, My reaction, that I do not give them what really caused Me trouble.
Another thing to not fill a child’s vessel- a lot of parents believe that whatever happens between them as a couple or at work, or whatever is the problem of their life, the child is ok to be in the room to hear it, or that it is ok to talk freely in the house. I am totally against that, because a child when it is five years old, has the capacity of a five-year-old, and a vessel that is like a sponge will hear, will gather. It is very new, it is like a new car that runs really well. It is not freedom of speech, it is stupidity, so we have to watch for that. If a child comes with a new concept and shares it with us, we need to use our tools to eliminate it as soon as possible. Normally, the impression of aggressiveness and fear from the parents leaves a huge impression in the heart of a child.
I remember Sudabeh asked me. “Should I tell Aileen that there is a war going on?” I said, “Not now.” Because when you can’t do anything about it, why damage [the child]?

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April 02, 2022

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