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How to Eliminate Concepts for Children?

Sat elaborates on how to eliminate concepts for children and gives an example.

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Question: On our last call You had said that if a child comes with a new concept such as from school and shares it with us, we need to use our tools to eliminate it as soon as possible. What is the best way to do this and can You give us an example?
Sat: I am thinking about an example, what I remember is what I did. With My grandchildren, if I see that they are playing with their friends and I see that one of the friends is telling stories that are very dark and fearful and I can see fear in My grandchild’s face, immediately I pull him away and I explain to him that what his friend is saying to him is just not real. For example, recently they were going around saying “ghost, ghost, ghost” and I knew that he was afraid. And then I explained to him that such a thing does not even exist but children love to talk about it and comforted him in My arms, telling him everything is ok and reminding him of his Divinity.
That is the only living example I remember, having done that recently. It is just not to brush it away, but when we say it is not real, we also have to explain why it is not real because that’s what it does, that is when it is effective.
Remember also that if you want your child to learn something profound about their weaknesses and how to remove them, make up a story. They love stories, they somehow get it much more in stories. As I was telling you guys, for six years I continued with one story every morning [with My children]. Anything that I wanted them to know, I put it in the story, as the players in the story had done it, when they were confronted with that type of fear, this is what they did, etc.
In fact, I wrote a book for My oldest grandson about six, seven months ago that deals with fear and also anxiety about losing at soccer, etc. There were a lot of different teachings and I have not put it for the public yet because I wanted all four of the grandchildren to have it first. This is very, very effective if you don’t know how to explain [something]. Put it in a story and say, “This is what a friend did” and put the name of the actor in your story, “and this is what their parents told them” etc. Otherwise, since I don’t have small kids, I can’t remember what example I could give.

Parenting Call
How to Eliminate Concepts for Children?
June 25, 2022

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