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How Can we Help Our Kids Eliminate Concepts?

Sat guides parents on how to help older children with difficult or heavy concepts.

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“On our last call, You talked about eliminating concepts that kids pick up. You said the following about an experience with Your grandchild and some of his friends, “For example, recently they were going around saying ‘ghost, ghost, ghost’ and I knew that he was afraid. And then I explained to him that such a thing does not even exist but children love to talk about it and comforted him in My arms, telling him everything is ok and reminding him of his Divinity. That is the only living example I remember, having done that recently. It is just not to brush it away, but when we say it is not real, we also have to explain why it is not real because that’s what it does, that is when it is effective.”
Q) How can we help older kids eliminate concepts they learn from school that are heavy like war? For example, my daughter read a book about Malala (a child who was shot on a bus). I did not know how to address the fear from that concept. Does the teaching about eliminating concepts/saying they aren’t real, apply to the ones they learn at school or ones that have more reality?
Sat: We cannot protect our child from society, from what they hear, what they see, it is out of our hands completely. The more we want to protect them, the more we see that someplace else something tragic pops out. But in this situation, what I used to do, when one of My children was scared or they heard something that disturbed them, I would bring them back to their own divinity. I would explain to them that as long as they are relying on who they are, or the closeness of God to their heart, that they don’t have to fear, they don’t have to be concerned, they don’t have to dwell on it, etc. And that is all we can do, we cannot stop the outer world from damaging the sensitive part of the child. Again, invite the child to silence, to Trust Meditation as an antidote, like we do for ourselves.
When we have a fear what do we do? I hear the sharings of “I go with it until it dawns on me that I have a choice.” So, they already heard it, it was something real, someone got killed on a bus, it was not like a ghost. So, what you can do is now you have to help them to erase the damage, which created fear.
Again, give them a tool to handle it, meaning you sit down with your child and do Trust Meditation, Light Meditation, or just give them some comfort that as long as we know God is Omnipresent, that is enough. And in life we have to show courage, we have to stand up. Each situation is different! Like I said, it is unfortunate that there is so much violence and after all, if they hear it enough, they will grow thick skin.

Parenting Call
How Can we Help Our Kids Eliminate Concepts?
August 6, 2022

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