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Empty Gaze

Sat discusses with a parent how a simple practice of gazing at the thoughts can really help our children.

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Radha: A few years ago, in response to some of the things that my son would do, such as his reactions or outbursts, You had said “why if you do nothing?” At another time You had said, “You don’t feed it at all, do nothing, nothing, just an empty gaze, nothing.” This was hard for me, because although I would not respond at times, I was still angry or ashamed and I wasn’t doing it the right away. A few months ago though, what You had said to me came back to me and I understood it so much more. Because of the Stop Meditation for children, now he understands it so much more. If he has a repeated reaction, fear, a disproportionate reaction, or if he is really agitated, I just look at him but truly empty and he drops it. Nothing else has made him drop I; no reasoning, no consequence, no logic had had an impact before. But this seems to really work and I wanted to share that. Thank You.
Sat: Yes, it is a really good demonstration of gazing at the thoughts, whether it is other people’s thoughts or your own. (Laughs) And it is so nice to see the effectiveness of it in the simplicity of the practice.

Parenting Call
Empty Gaze
November 27, 2021

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