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Sat tells us we are not here to gather concepts but rather to drop them.

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Radha: You said that now that we know what happened this should help us or keep us from judging ourselves and others, which is a huge gift. I wonder if You could tell us more about that?
Sat: Before we knew what was really going on, before we had this map of what happened to us, it was personality against personality. We either liked someone or we didn’t. We either liked ourself or we didn’t. That could be happening daily, we could condemn ourselves or someone else. But if we contemplate on this first chapter, we realize (chuckles) that there are two aspects to it. One, is to realize what happened to us, where did we go that is so uncomfortable and where did we come from, and what is natural and what is painful. The second aspect of it is that by this understanding, we watch ourself and our child. In other words, even at our age, as soon as we want to accept a concept, believe a concept, then there is a red flag there - “I am not here to gather concepts, I am here to drop them.”
When your child wants to believe something that creates fear in them, that is the time to see the red flag and remedy it- either remedy it in the silence, which is really powerful if you know how to do it. Or by consoling words, something that heals them, reminding them of who they are, etc.
I am not saying we can correct the world; in fact, I am saying don’t do that (laughs). But by just realizing where we came from and what happened to us, I think that is half of the battle.

Sai Center
June 26, 2022

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