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Children Pick Up On Their Parent's Vibes

Sat talks about when and how children pick up on their parent's vibes, She gives a remedy and to be alert enough to take that as a wakening call.

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Bahar: Earlier this week, for a few days I was feeling very disconnected and I was allowing it for myself to a certain extent. Not doing everything I could have to become connected. I just kind of let it go for a little bit. Not proud of that, but on the third night, Luca came to me and said, “Mommy, I don’t know what this feeling I’m having is. It’s like one part sadness and one part anger. I don't feel right.” And I really feel like Luca is somehow connected to when I’m feeling connected or not, and I don’t know if that’s possible, but for me it was such a wakeup call. So we did a meditation together in that moment and I said to myself, “Get ahold of yourself, lady! This will carry through your house.” And more than any of that, I know where to go when I catch myself. Oh my God, Sat jan, You’ve given us so much and even if we stumble a little bit, there’s refuge for us and our families and I’m just grateful.

Sat: Bahar, that is such a big point. This is exactly why children are damaged. Because of the vibe they get from their parents and the way they absorb their parents is so much more intense than [how] the parents look at each other. They have this capacity to see deeper than the top layer of mother smiling and saying, “Everything is fine.”
I found that early in my time with the children, that even the pretense to not show them I’m not feeling well, something in them could pick it up because of their own purity. So it was really beautiful to see that sometimes the children can remind us to get off our dark horses and sit on a white one.

And as far as drifting away, that happens. And then an awakening call comes, which was through your son. And then you come back and say, “Where did I land before?” But, when we go through a time of spiritual dryness, in our cases, when we come back, we are actually more alert to not go there anymore because we find it so useless. So even that has some effect. And now look everybody, she got it and sat down and meditated with her son, and I’m sure they both felt better. Just imagine if she did not get it and she continued all through the life like most people do. What a tragedy that is.

Parenting Chat
November 05, 2022

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