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Children’s Questions and Answers with Sat

Sat answers questions coming directly from children.

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Q: Mommy where did I come from?

A: Sweetheart, your beautiful body was created in my tummy and was nourished by what I ate. Your body needed nine months to fully grow before it could come out. This is your body, but who you really are is not just this body. You, on the other hand, were never born. You just took on a body to be mommy and daddy’s child and play a role. What you are is unlimited and pure divine BEINGNESS.


Q: Mommy where is God? And what is God?

A: God is who you are. There is a light energy that runs your body and mind and makes them work. This energy is called God or I, which is you. Everything works because of this energy. It is like space. It is everywhere and everything. You are THAT.

Even the trees and dogs?

Yes, there is nothing that is not this energy. Some people call it God. We can call it God or energy of light.


Q: Mommy will you ever leave me?

A: How can I leave you? We are both the same energy in different bodies. As energy we are inseparable. So no matter where your body is or where my body is, if you feel silence inside yourself, you are also feeling me as that soothing silence. Remember, we can never be apart even if our bodies are in different places, because we are not our body but the existence or the light energy that runs it. This is why I always tell you that you are the light and also, that the light surrounds you. This is the truth that mommy is saying to you.


Q: Mommy what happens when people die? Where do they go?

A: Well, the energy leaves the body and the body becomes lifeless. But only the body dies. We never die because we were never born. Remember the light energy that we all are? That light energy leaves the body. That is all.

You ask where do they go? Well as I said, the body drops as if it is old clothing.

The mind will continue without the body for a while. Who we really are never goes anywhere because it IS everywhere. The light energy is always peaceful and always present.


Q: Mommy is it true that we all die one day? And why can we not always stay alive?

A: Honey, we will never die because we were never born. Yes, our body which is made out of food and water will one day die because it was born, but it is not the end of us. We, as that energy, move on. Now you see that in reality we never die. We always exist as existence.


Q: Mommy I have so many thoughts, what should I do?

A: Everybody’s mind thinks. But I will tell you a secret which will help you a lot and if you remember it often, you will have peace of mind all the time. First, know that you are not your thoughts. They happen on their own. You just watch them come and watch them go, just like clouds in the sky. The sun watches the clouds come and watches them go. The sun does not care about them moving. Just watch and keep quiet. If a thought scares you DO NOT believe it; just look and let it go. Only believe that you are the light and perfect. If the same thought comes back, say to yourself: ‘NO THIS IS NOT ME OR MINE.’ Again, just let it go. Just look and do not be affected. They are not real. Say to yourself, I am not my thoughts. I am much greater, much bigger. When playing outside or walking in nature, give your attention to the silence inside and around you.
[This is the time for parents who have not done silent sitting with their child to start doing so.


Q: Mommy why do I have to share?

A: You are not sharing your toys, you are sharing your love. When you share your belongings with a friend or family member, you are only showing your love for that person. Whenever we show love, it gives us joy. So when we share, we get joy because love makes joy in our heart. When someone shares their love with you it makes you happy and in turn your joy makes them happy, so everyone is happy.

Now, if you have something that you want to keep private, then put it away so no one can see it and when you are alone, you can take it out and play with it.

[Here as parents we have to give our child room to not have to share all the time. After all, we do not share everything we love with others. Then why should they have to? If we force our child to share everything at every given time, he or she can become resentful and their sharing becomes out of obligation and not willingness, which comes out of love. The best way for parents to decide is to know that every situation is different. Where in one sharing is right for our child, in another it may not be.]


Q: Mommy what do I do when I get angry?
A: If you do not like to be angry, it is because it does not feel good and this shows how wise you are. Whenever you feel or think anything that you do not like, just drop it like a piece of paper in your hand. Just drop it. It is that easy. What is wonderful about it is that the more you drop, the more happy are and the less angry you get. Say to yourself: ‘NO, I do not have to stay angry.’ Say to yourself: ‘I am the ruler of my body and mind. If I do not like to feel the anger, all I have to do is to drop the feeling and smile.’


Q: Mommy what do I do when I feel sad or afraid?
A: Sweetheart, just remember that you are the light. Sadness and fear are only passing feelings and you feel them sometimes. But remember, they are the clouds and you are the sun. Look at the feeling of fear and instead of accepting it, show courage. Be like a lion. When you feel sad, afraid or angry, remember again that you are the ruler of your body and mind. You are a perfect divine being. Let this make you drop the feeling fast and you will see that in its place you will feel joy. Always tell yourself that I am not these feelings. Always choose to be happy whenever there is an unpleasant feeling. What you will find is that inside of you there is an endless source of happiness.


Q: Mommy how can I not be scared of the dark?
A: By knowing that you are the brightest light and that there is nothing to be afraid of. The room is the same as when the light was on, so when the light is off focus on your own Light.


Q: Do people who do good and the ones who do bad go to the same place after they die?

A: When the bodies of people who do good die, their minds still move on in the state of joy and satisfaction. When the bodies of the ones whose actions cause harm die, their minds are not happy and they do not feel at peace. On the other hand, you see, when we realize or understand that we are not just the body, mind or feelings then we can live a peaceful and happy life. In that case, when our body dies we are only the unlimited joy and peace.


Q: Mommy teach me how to always be happy.

A: Everyone feels unhappy at times. We all want to be happy. We can make ourselves happy when we feel unhappy. All we have to do is to drop the unpleasant feelings because they do not make us feel happy. Sometimes we feel unhappy because we have to share something that we love with our brother or sister. This can make us want to cry and not want to give our toy away, even if we are not playing with it. Instead of feeling sad, we can choose to drop the feeling of sadness as if we are dropping a piece of paper from our hand. We say to ourselves: ‘Well let him play, I will get it back later. It is not a big deal.’ Just remember that who you are is happiness, so being happy means always being yourself. Sometimes our thoughts do not feel happy. We can end this just by not believing in the thoughts that are not happy and letting them pass by.

Mommy will remind you every time that you feel unhappy so that you can let it go, feel the silence and find your joy again. Keep telling yourself: ‘I am happy, I am the light.’ Instead of saying: ‘I am mad, I am sad.’ [As parents, our outlook should be cheerful no matter how we feel so that we can be an example for our child. Many times, an unpleasant feeling can come upon us and by being cheerful and letting go of the mood, we can forget what even caused it. Children can develop either a positive or negative outlook. By developing the habit of sticking to unpleasant moods and feelings, the child will have an unhappy personality. It is up to the parents to correct it as fast as they see it developing.]

Here we see that we are repeatedly pointing our child towards the fact that he or she is a divine being and not the passing moods, feelings, thoughts or even the body. As a result, they will be in control of their faculties.

Many people of all ages suffer from depression because they are a victim of universal mis-understanding. Most people feel helpless and lost because of this. They do not know that there is a way to live a happy life in the midst of life’s activities. This I call the Art of Living. It does not matter if one leads a busy life, experiences hardships or has gone through losses. In any case, knowing the source and getting nourishment from it makes any situation better and helps remove misery. So whether you have time or not, whether you have money or not, whether you have misery or not, it does not matter. Every being has to know their Origin sooner or later. Without it life becomes meaningless and one loses interest in it and therefore becomes depressed. In every situation like this, the person begins to look for a more meaningful life.

-From: “I Am the Child,” p. 88

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