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Bring True Spirituality To The Life Of Our Children

Sat discusses with parents how bringing true spirituality to the lives of our children results in truly Self-confident adults.

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Sat: It makes Me so happy that this meeting is happening amongst you guys because the benefit really goes to ourselves and also our children. And we should always remember we don’t want to transfer our acceptance of what we have heard that we have not experienced, and we have not benefited from, onto our children. It’s better to say, “I don’t know,” than to pass on another belief that has very little depth to it. And I think we’re all trying to be the best of parents we can be for our children and no matter what approach we have to life, one thing is for sure, we want to be the best. And I think these meetings are not to say that we are not doing our best, but it is all about how to bring true spirituality into the life of our children. Not so much religion that is being conducted as hearsay: we hear something, we accept it, we pass it on. But this way it forces the parents to really taste it themselves and then give that taste to the children.

And I can tell you by My own experience with My children that when you bring the essence of God and the essence of the Guru’s teaching to your children and to your life, they will grow up with incredible Self-confidence. Not the confidence in their personality that can crash at every moment, but confidence that is very invisible and very apparent at the same time. So I really congratulate all of us for putting effort to go against the norm and give our children something that they can use as a map to direct their own mind, to direct their own heart, and to hear their own heart. And it is a very happy moment to be able to even be interested to hear something that is not so common and put it into use.

Thank you for being with Me and I am glad I am with you guys and know that you are playing a role of God in your child’s life. Much blessing.

Namaste to all of you.

Parenting Call

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