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Being a Parent - A Letter to All Mothers

Sat discusses the importance of the role of the mother and recognizing your child's divinity.

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Sat: Being a parent is the only role that one should not neglect or take lightly. The first duty of a mother is to provide nourishment for her child both physically and spiritually, from the moment of the birth of the child. The same way that she gives her child the essence of her body as milk, she should present to the child the essence of her Being. In what way can she do this? By recognizing or identifying the child; in other words, by visualizing the Light in her child’s Being, and recognizing him or her beyond the body and mind.

What kind of mother could do this? A mother who is aware of the Self.

Therefore, it is better that young mothers and women who are about to get married be more vigilant and persistent in their efforts and practices on the path of the Awareness of the Truth. Hence, they would not mislead their children from the beginning and would remind them of “who” and “what” they really are.

Advancement and spiritual expansion of the future generation always relies on the mothers of today. If, like the past generations, we continue our ignorance of the Truth, and teach our children to accept and live a false and transient life, their future will be even darker than the present. Therefore, mothers should not disregard their responsibility on this matter.

From the very first breath of the child in this world, the mother should remind her baby “who” and “what” they really are. She should see her child in the Light and Love of Divine. This is the responsibility of a mother - the Heart of a mother.

Whatever the mother instills in her child’s mind will be a good indication of how the child’s life will be in this world. The nourishment we feed the child will fuel the growth of the child’s body as well. Therefore, in the beginning, the nutrition the child receives for their soul, body, and mind should be solely by the mother or someone who has a heart of the mother, whether it is a grandparent or someone else who knows how to nourish the child’s soul. It should be pure and saturated with the love of Divinity and awareness of the Truth. Then, the world will become a bright world. For this reason, my Guru has given us the Light Meditation. By practicing this meditation we can become aware of the Light within us and our children as well.

The Light Meditation is a meditation that the whole family can easily practice together. Every day, time should be dedicated to practice this meditation in order to experience our Oneness with the Self and each other. The Light Meditation unveils the Truth and is very effective for children.

I recommend to all mothers to dedicate some time everyday, and do the Light Meditation with their whole family to expand their awareness of the Self and silence of the mind.

With Love, Sat

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