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Anxiety About Future

Sat talks about Tendencies To Rush & quality of work that suffers.

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Question: My son has a tendency to rush through all of his work. His main goal is to get everything done, and the quality suffers, and he often doesn’t seem to learn anything or retain it. How can I help him slow down and give his work quality?

Sat: Again we go back to that each child comes with different tendencies. I think in this case either mother or father should start a habit of sitting beside the child, patiently, and teaching him how it is - what is the difference between quality and rushing through it and what is the difference in results. But again it will lay on the shoulders of the parents to spend time sitting down and saying this is the way that you will have a better result. And it might work and it might not. Some children are just like that and we can only try to help them. And in a very good scenario when the child does it a couple of times and finds a good result, he starts doing a better job.

But also silent sitting is very important. The kids are constantly moving. Just imagine if as grown ups on this path you had every moment moving with every thought how hard it would be to just sit down and just give quality. So as a grown up we are learning to do that. So it would be really nice to just have quiet time before studying. Just having quiet time with nice music. Besides that, everyone comes with different baggage, we can only help through the spirituality to put that baggage down but we can’t yank it out of their hand. Just patience on the part of the parents and trying to work it out at the time of homework for a while.

Bahar: I am curious for Luca at 8 years old, who is so busy and has so much energy, what would quiet time before homework look like? Is that meditation?

Sat: No, no. It's just being. You don't tell him “meditation.” Don’t tell him that it’s something we have to do. They don’t need to know. When he’s sitting at the table, you sit beside him and say, “I am sure you want to do a really good job so let’s be quiet for a while and sink in so that your mind is clear and you can work better.” That’s it.

Sat: If there is a need for it, which in the case of the person who asks, there is a crucial need for it.

Bahar: Thank You.

Parenting Chat
November 05, 2022

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