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Speak to Us of Happiness

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

In this excerpt from Sat's book, Most Precious, Sat discusses simply how to be happy.

Most Precious Question 21. “Speak to us of happiness.”

A. Happiness is a state of stillness, where thoughts do not pound. Happiness is the union of the Self with the form, where there is no desire nor is there any need for it. Happiness is not an emotion as we know it. It is the Self without emotions or thoughts. Happiness is just being, “isness.”

You probably will ask next how to acquire it? There is stillness permeating the universe and beyond, without a beginning, an end, or any borders. Once pictures are faded, the canvas will show forth; once we drop all repeated thoughts, which most of them are, we are left with the Self, the stillness. That “I” is “Happy.” So by dwelling in this stillness often, and inquiring on the ever-changing substance-less of the world, we come to see and feel who we really are. When you go deep into the ocean, what you see is calm. If you stay on the top of the ocean, you see commotion and changes. So, see the difference the depth makes. All thoughts, feelings, emotions, and even senses, cater to the top or the changing; therefore, we say we are happy, sad, angry, or this or that. Now go deep, deeper, deepest, where thoughts cease! Then see if you can feel anything changing! In that bed of calmness there is no boundary. This is true happiness. Just be!

-From Sat’s book, Most Precious p.61-62.

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