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There Is No Other Time Than Now

Sat elaborates on the spiritual meaning of the quote, “there is no other time than now.“

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Aida: Over the years so often, no matter what I tell You, You have said, “for now.” You have been so consistent with these two words during the good times and the not so good times. And then recently You added onto it by saying the following:
“There is no other time than now. How can you find yourself in yesterday? Can you find your existence in yesterday? Can you find your existence in tomorrow? When can you find your existence? When tomorrow is now. When you get to tomorrow, it is now!” (Private Conversation, 3/12/22)
This is such a big teaching I feel, how else can I make use of this wisdom and benefit from it?

Sat: Well, when I say “for now” no matter what you guys share with Me enthusiastically or sadly, it is to give you awakening that nothing lasts, therefore BE now and enjoy. Don’t anticipate in the future whatever you achieved. That is not negative at all; it is to become more spontaneous, rather than even when we achieve something having fear of losing it or not losing it, or being proud of achievement, etc. it just puts a stop to the whole thing.
As far as what you read, it’s very, very potent; it needs a little bit of contemplation while you read it to show you how true it is- that Existence just IS. Therefore, there is no time that we call “past” or “future” by the virtue of the memory. It is continuous now- if we stay in it! If we don’t, then it is continuous of then! That’s it, like I said it needs a bit of contemplation.

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March 29, 2022

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