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Relax And Be Alert In Your Meditation (07/2021)

Sat discusses the true meaning of meditation and how to carry it with you throughout the day.

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-Someone asks about maintaining awareness while we are meditating vs. losing complete touch with our surroundings.

Sat: When I say be aware, it means be conscious. Because meditation, again, is not just a sitting position; it is a state of un-involvement and yet being conscious. Just say that you are sitting to meditate. You say to yourself, “I am going to sit down and meditate.” Who is going to meditate? What I call meditation is really to be conscious without movement. To be conscious of the thoughts but just settling in the thinker. To be conscious of your body, but settling in the thinker. Meaning not rising, not by force, just relax. Be really, really relaxed but awake, aware. That is what is meant by awareness because sometimes we stop the mind by dullness- we just don’t care or we are dull. I don’t mean that type of state of being.

So, when you go to the region of the heart and there is no thinking and no thoughts, but still you are aware that you are in that. You feel the silence, you are aware, you are awake, you are awake in it. It is really, really hard to explain. Once we are awake during our silence, losing it during the day is not as easy. But if we sit down to meditate and there is a meditator and the act of meditation, then we say, “Ok, I have finished my meditation and now I am going to go do whatever I have to do.” And it would be different states- the state of meditation, the state of daily life, the state of sleep, the state of whatever. The way I would like everyone to understand is that meditation is really who we are. It means to be aware as a witness and when you see an involvement with the thoughts, feelings, emotions and the body, just relax and Be. That is being aware, that is being alert! By this alertness we come to get really familiar with the thinker and then when the thinker goes into the silence, everything becomes peace!

So, in your daily life, when there are disturbing thoughts, convincing thoughts or opinionated thoughts that bring any type of emotion, just sink in again. Just sink in again and that becomes a constant state of meditation- emptiness. Not only do you not lose awareness of your surroundings, you become very aware of your surroundings but without any specific attributes, any specific analyzing; it’s just there. The sun looks different, the water looks different, because you are alert in your silence.

I think for everybody to really understand what the word “relax” is- it is settling in a place that has no involvement. And we need to be really aware when we are practicing daily and, in any situation, when there is any suggestion from the mind, you again look and relax in that. Then immediately the mind becomes empty. When I say “relax” it really means Stay … Just look and that can go on 24/7! So any suggestion from the mind, even if it is profitable has to be dismissed!

Mansour: There is an awareness of the mind, we see things and process them. Sometimes though there is an awareness in the heart, is that the awareness that You are referring to?

Sat: When I say to be “conscious” or be “aware” it means to be alert. But if in your state of quietness there are things that come to you, for instance there is an opening, there is a clarity, even if there is a vision, and these types of things do happen, if it is beneficial, use it! Yes, the conscious voice gets very activated in the silence, that does happen. In fact, you will receive a lot of openings through the Awareness, not through the words. But the ultimate release comes when through your practice you settle into the non-rising position- so that the mind can be as empty as it was originally.

You might say, “Well then who thinks and how do I accomplish life?” In fact, the knowledge that you need to solve a problem, the knowledge that you have and the strength that you have to see through things becomes spontaneous without taking thoughts. And that is because when we use our mind a lot, we are using concepts, we are using memories, it is never new. The newness comes out of the inspiration of the heart.

For any book that was written through Me, I never took thought. There was not even one thought of wanting to write a book, one thought of what I would write and how it will finish, etc. In fact, I had no desire of writing, nor did I entertain the thought of writing. I didn’t think any of that and yet the writing happened spontaneously. And that is association with the Source! Now, had I decided to write a book because it would benefit people, etc., God knows what would have happened. Just to show you that you don’t become idle, lazy or useless. You actually find yourself beyond usefulness, it is a wise usefulness, it’s not a foolish one.

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July 27, 2021

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