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Recognize The Entity

Sat discusses the importance of self-inquiry and recognizing the entity in this audio exceprt.

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Mansuer: It’s an important distinction for me, that the mind by itself is not necessarily to be eliminated, it’s the thinker that needs to be weakened and has to be eliminated. When the mind submits to the Source, to the heart, it becomes like a tool or an instrument of the divine. I am asking a question, I am not making a statement. I would really like to have this clarified because often times we talk about the mind and of course the impure mind is the source of a lot of unpeace and untruth, so it would be good to know that - thank You.

Sat: When each of our bodies was born, immediately a name was given, and a title: “My daughter” or “My son.” And now as mentioned in “I Am the Child,” in answer to Mansuer’s question, the body of a child was a newborn, but who was he or she? Had they not given him the title and the name, and [instead] just inquiry … at least to ask where did he or she come from? It would take the parents to silence. If you don't believe Me, do it with your own kids. Every time you throw a high truth in the form of inquiry to your mind, it goes to silence. It points us over and over and over to the base, to the existence.

So, the first predominant thought that was being built on for the child was “I am this person,” and that is the thinker. But how was the thinker created? By different thoughts that were hearing, seeing, feeling, until the age of three or four where it was totally identifying with that. Now, did that existence of that child ever change? No. What did happen? A picture was drawn on top of it and the attention grabbed it. So the answer to Mansuer is that everything is Atma, everything is purity, everything is divinity. So when you follow and question your mind you go into silence. When you say, “Am I a man or a woman?” (which is your body), you go to silence. When you say “Am I the mind or am I not the mind?”, you go to silence. So nothing really has changed.

Now, inquiry is to see it - that’s all we have to do. And according to realized people, it’s not the entity that needs to be realized, it is [the] entity [that needs] to be recognized. Otherwise we don’t need realization, right? Who is to realize what? The realization comes from the ignorance of not knowing who we really are. So the thinker and the thoughts are one in the same but their base is nothing but God. When it’s calm, when it’s empty, what is left for us? Is there a person there? When we are being quiet, and I mean inwardly quiet, let the noise be around us, what happens?

Let’s try it right now. Relax and be quiet. With your eyes open actually - I want us to see that it makes no difference. The thought of thinking and being somebody, all goes back to the base, and anything that touches the base vanishes. So self-inquiry and discrimination, like some of you were saying, is the most important along side of Stop Mediation and Stay if they can go hand in hand. Because you see it, you drop it by Stop. You see it, you drop it. And then the tendencies would rise again. Again, like some of you were saying, a wisdom comes and we go back to base. We have to have patience as the personality.

It reminds me of that story of Ramana Maharshi with the squirrel - that those baby squirrels wanted to come out of the nest and he would get up and put them back, get up and put them back, and they did that thousands of times. He didn’t give up. And he was doing it in front of thousands of his devotees - what a symbolically amazing teaching. So we might have to put the squirrel back in its nest millions of times, but we are still ahead millions of times.

So at every given moment, we are nobody. All we have to do is relax. Everything drops. So it’s not like it’s not accessible, or we don't know, or we are not it. The problem is habitual rising and that is by questionstioning and staying in any form of the wisdom we can use. And as long as we are in the body, the residue of rising will happen into the personality but that doesn’t change our reality one bit. It’s like the writing “Whether I am man or woman, I am I.” As long as we know we are not, it doesn’t matter. But if we fully identify with being a female, then there is an ignorance there - there is a limitation there - there is a conceit there.

So we are all holding hands, solo, but holding hands and we realize that this lifetime we were given a chance to see, to hear, and to sink. Yea, look at us, every time we have a Satsang, it’s the highest. Everybody talks through their own experience. How many places can you go where people open their mouths out of experience? Not because they learned it some place or thought they can impress somebody with it? We really are experiencing! When one of you says “Trust meditation,” you experienced it. “Omnipresent” - you experienced the unity. Self inquiry - you understand what it is. At least you see it like Adrienne was saying.

So is our reality the thinker and thoughts? No. But is the mind and the entity actually God? Yes, because when they are released, there is nothing but God. So you can say maya is God when you are realized and you can say maya is a dream if you are not in order to release yourself.

Are you guys following Me or am I talking to Myself? Going on my own tangent and I am enjoying the Self. In reality, when the Truth is spoken, it’s from the Self to the Self and there’s only one Self, thank God. I wouldn’t want to have too many Gods and too many existences - it would have been much harder guys. Your existence, my existence, you say, “Oh my Lord.” [laughs]


Reno Center 2.10.22

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