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Sat explains opinions are ideas we have collected as good and bad. They can be our opinions of ourselves or other people’s opinions. She teaches how our acceptance of them can fall apart by watching them, questioning their validity and realizing they cause discord.

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Sat: It doesn’t take much effort when we look at our thoughts and observe the pattern of thinking, we come to realize quickly that the thoughts are very opinionated through many events in life and the memory that has been kept in files upon files. Opinion is nothing but ideas that we have collected as good and as bad - as pleasant and unpleasant.
And the irony of it is that we have more opinion about ourselves moment to moment than having opinion about others although every opinion that we have of ourselves tells the story of someone else with it. So, it is very important to watch this tendency that the mind has adapted and feels okay with it. If we each watch, again, the patterns of our thinking- I can’t even say “our thinking” because we have no control of it, [so] just the pattern of thinking- we come to realize that the opinion is always about “I,” that “I” that was built in the thoughts and habits. [We] release the self judgment, the self condemnation and [us] taking ourselves to the court and trying to defend or accuse, just by watching. We come to realize how often this thought comes and how often it gets the attention and how often the feelings change according to acceptance of each opinion. By watching, [we] realize that our moods and feelings change according to opinions that we have of ourselves and our surroundings and the expectation that comes with this opinion. We begin to be wise about it and realize that this is the cause of our discord. So then, by this realization, little by little as we see it (opinion) coming, we let it go right on the spot. We let it all go and again find our peace.

Now the other aspect of this opinionated mind is solving and directing other people out of ignorance, not out of wisdom. And this is so common in the world and the collective mind is so affected by it that it’s (now) confusing what is good and bad. So again, when we begin to realize our own opinion, we also have to dismiss other people’s opinion whether it is on the internet, on TV, in the newspaper, people we know, people we don’t know, [etc.] And we have to question it–question its validity and the source of it. Most people that have a lot of opinions are the most ignorant people that have just mimicked other people's opinions. Now again, we are not trying to change this tenancy or change this characteristic. No, we just watch, realize, and let go. And let the acceptance of each opinion fall apart.

This is why it’s highly recommended in our leisure time to spend a few minutes just allowing the witness to witness consciously of what is going on within us. What kind of feeling rises with every opinion? How does the attention grab it and why? So that’s something to contemplate on.

Sat Private Recording
March 3, 2023

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