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Genuine Bliss

Sat gives advice to someone who says they have recently lost their state of bliss by explaining what true bliss is in this audio excerpt.

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July 27, 2021)

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-Someone shares about how they had a period where they felt blissful and now, they are no longer having those experiences. They feel bad about that and ask Sat for Her guidance.
Sat: The permanent bliss is when you let go of having it or not having it, to have or not to have! When we are in bliss and we think, “Oh ok… this is it … we are it, etc.” then we find out that it is temporary. But the genuine bliss is when ups and downs mean nothing to us, having it or not having it; it is not a thing that happens to us and then it doesn’t happen to us. It is beyond both. Just the fact that you had it and now you don’t have it and you desire it again, it indicates that going beyond both has not happened yet. I would say just let it all go. Dwelling on the past, having it and then now that you don’t have it, is keeping the mind alive in duality. It is much more subtle than that. That is all I can say on that.
True bliss is elimination of the thoughts, the emotions and feelings. It is not some sort of state, whether it is bliss, joy, this and that. It is just elimination of involvement whether you have it or not.
Namaste to all of you.

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