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Fear Is A Close Friend Of The Ego

Sat explains in detail how to deal with fear.

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Question: Dear Sat, I am very grateful for all your teachings and wisdom and they are truly helping me in my daily life and I truly cannot live without them. I listen to the audios, I practice the tools as much as I am aware and conscience, I sit in silence daily. But there are still times that I experience a particularly big fear. I know that they are just thoughts and they don’t have any power. But what happens that even watching them I still feel so uncomfortable? What should I do to be able to totally ignore them?
Sat: Fear is a very close friend with the ego or the person and the reason for this is that we all want to be eternal. We want to be good, okay and live forever. And there is nothing wrong with that except we have forgotten that we are in reality very happy and content. And also in reality we never die. But we have forgotten our roots, therefore the fear [has] replaced that- the fear of danger, the fear of losing, the fear of many, many kinds.
Normally fear comes from memory of the past and is a projection to the future. To prevent fear or eliminate fear little by little is by knowledge. To know that whatever we want is within our own Self and the fear is just something unknown, an invisible ghost and to just settle down as much as we can, just let it all be and relax in our own Self.
Gradually with this knowledge of what the fear is, why it is coming, what the quality of it is and how we can get rid of it, then we are equipped to know how to deal with it when it appears. Anytime that the thinker is afraid of a thought, it has attached itself to that thought.
A person is the same as the thinker- when a person just relaxes and lets the thought be, then you have almost taken the power and the energy of the fear away. Sometimes in the beginning it works, and sometimes the habitual is being shaken and it is hard to get rid of.
But as long as you dwell on the truth of what is being said, I think there is a good opening to deal with it in a different way. It is really interesting how the fear, when it is old, how unconsciously it gets a hold of the person. By staying in our Self in the very moment that we feel ourself, then we are not unconscious. When you are conscious, meaning you are here right now, you are less under the influence of it.
In any case, just knowing that this is a normal equipment that a person is born with, then you are not saying so much “oh I am such a fearful person …” And that thought alone, when you have released it, you have released a lot of the past.
The person who asked this question- by listening to the Truth, you really are helping yourself to not go with the false. In any case, daily, just know that the thoughts come and then they go. You don’t have to push and pull them- you don’t need to be perfect, you already are, so let go of all the gymnastics.

USA Chat
November 30, 2023

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