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Experiencing The All-ness of God (04/2021)

This audio excerpt from an afternoon satsang is a follow up on the “Allness of God” video (below) from Oct 2020. Here, Sat guides a group through the Omnipresent Meditation. She goes on to discuss the correct technique for Omnipresence to experience the all-ness of God.

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Sat: Have you experienced the Allness that the first part of the Omnipresent Meditation says, if not, have you experienced your own Allness, even if it is momentarily? Or have you experienced both as one? Or neither one?
Bahar: I feel like I do experience the Allness when I do this meditation or any of the other meditations- when I go there that is the hallmark of a good meditation for me.
Sat: When you go “there” are you conscious?
Bahar: I think so.
Mansour: It is a different kind of consciousness than my everyday outward looking awareness.
Sat: Yes, it is different, because it is an inward attention, therefore being conscious of this immense silence is what stamps the reality of it. As the realized people say (that I really agree with) - the difference is that in a deep sleep, there is no mind, there is no body or the world, but because there is no consciousness there being conscious of it, it’s like a corpse. Even though there is existence in it, because if there wasn’t an existence, the body would have died. But it wakes up in the morning, so when we are conscious of this silence, even with the eyes open or no matter where we are sitting, standing up or walking, we are actually tasting our reality!
The only thing about Omnipresent Meditation that gives it different value is because normally when your mind is silent, then you are that that you are. But when there is a doubt in the mind of “Who am I? What is my life about? How do I solve this problem?” … all of these talks come from separation. “I separate Myself from Myself to wander in the mind.” The result of Omnipresent Meditation is not just silence, something takes place. There is a bang, there is a crack, there is an “ahh” that will take your breath away. It is not just silence. For a split moment you completely agree that you are God, without taking thoughts, it just happens.
So those of you that haven’t achieved that, you are not conscious of your Omnipresent Meditation, because you will experience something you have never experienced before. It is like a slap in the face of waking up and realizing “Oh my God, I am That.” It is momentary, but it really, really resonates with you throughout your life. So, if your Omnipresent Meditation does not click and you go to silence, it is a lazy Omnipresent Meditation. It has not grasped the Allness.
This is why I stay in the first part for so long when I am doing the guided meditations. I say “All, It’s All, there is nothing but That.” It is Omnipresent and I emphasize on that, so your mind settles on that and then you say, “What can I be? Then who am I?” “Ahhh.” Then you melt, for a moment you completely shed all your concepts, your physical, and your mental- it is amazing how that takes place!
Sat: So, let’s do the Omnipresent Meditation now and let’s see if we can have those who haven’t experienced it, be able to experience what I am saying. And that is because it is an experience you have to have!
Sat guides the Omnipresent Meditation:
Let’s sit conscious and relaxed, but aware of this moment that is happening.
Silence is there, zoom into the silence to the point that you forget your surroundings and you are conscious of the silence.
You are aware of your surroundings and the noises, but your attention is grabbed by the silence.
Relax, no thought of the next moment, just now. (Remains silent)
Say to yourself inwardly, “All is God, ALL.”
When you say “All” do not specifically categorize things - all is enough to know that it is infinitely All.
Stay with that and reminisce with it, look at it, what does it mean to be All? (Remains silent)
Look very deep within.
All. Don’t wander around. Stay in Allness; there is nothing that is not That.
Just stay with That and then ask the next question when you are concentrated in That, ask it of yourself. (Remains silent)
When you feel that Oneness like never before, stay with the second part, stay with that feeling of unity. (Remains silent)
Now you can open your eyes.
Carry that feeling [with you].
Mansour: I don’t know if I have gotten to the point where I am one with the Omnipresence, but I feel connected to it and pulled towards it. It is a unity that That is all.
Sat: Perfect, that’s it.
Mansour: That connection is love?
Sat: What takes you to that connection, yes, is out of love, but is the Oneness just love? My experience is that the expression of it appears to be love- when the bubbles come up to the surface of the ocean. But in the depth, there is not even love, because there is no need for love. But the more we step into this ocean, as the manifestation, we have more love, because of that connection.
Now, when you see both parts of the sentence as the same, what is your feeling?
Farnaz: Both parts of the sentence were empty and it was as if the silence and the Omnipresence are one. They cannot be separate logically.
Sat: Yes, logically. So, logically they are not separate and all of them is one.
Farnaz: Or nothing, like silence.
Sat: Like silence. Alright. What did you experience? Did it all of a sudden dawn on you? I don’t know how to take that point and take you to a level that you really, really experience that.
Yes, all is silence, but it is still mental. You say, “They are both silence … all is God and I am God because It’s All.” And you feel the silence, but you didn’t have a moment of realization that without the shadow of a doubt you see it. It is not that [what you explained] and I want to take you there. Practice it on your own.
Nilu: In the first part where I said, “God is all” I felt All and when I asked “Who can I be?” there was nothing else but God!
Sat: When you said, “What can I be?”, when you realized that you also are God, realized, not on a mental level, didn’t an explosion happen? Didn’t something greater than yourself happen? Or was it just information that you got?
Nilu: No, the best I can describe it is that I fell into an ocean of God.
Sat: Yes, I never talk this way except for this meditation. I always say go to silence and Stay, and the region of the heart, and gaze, etc. … but this one gives you a complete moment of realization, beyond the shadow of a doubt; it just happens! And I want all of you to experience that because it really weakens the personality. It is a very, very powerful meditation. It is an explosion of realization.
Mansour: Many, many years ago when I first became familiar with this way of looking at things, I had an experience one time where I became as big as the entire state of California.
Sat: Yes, that was a very nice experience, but this one, it leaves a trace that is unforgettable. Immediately all the faults you see, you don’t even see the faults … it is as if you woke up from a dream and say, “Oh my God, what was I thinking?” It is this type of an explosion, coming out of a nightmare and saying, “I find myself in bed, I couldn’t be anywhere else, because I lay in my bed.”
It is awesome. And you will get it, if you put everything else aside and go empty, as if you never heard one word of spirituality or any other practice, just completely empty of memory, empty of expectation and just spend some time with that, it really does miracles.
Bahar: It’s miraculous, and the first part starts pulling me there, I feel it, I feel it and then when I ask, there is a movement. It is like a stamp, a “YES!”
Sat: Yes, there is a movement. There is a click, you can call it an explosion, you can call it just somebody slapped you and you woke up. It is an explosion into character, it really is, we might not hear or see the fireworks going off, but it has that power, if it is done right. Silence is God, and that’s the totality of everything we do. The only reason I am emphasizing Omnipresent is because it shuts the personality, so it is easier to stay in the silence longer. It is a magnificent meditation!
Meera: Can this movement take place without even doing Omnipresent Meditation?
Sat says enthusiastically: Yes, except it is more advanced. It is supposed to take you where you are feeling it, without even doing Omnipresent Meditation. Omnipresent Meditation shows you the Oneness and then you come back to this life.
But the memory, that realization never goes away if you repeat it enough. And then what happens is that you don’t need to have Omnipresent Meditation, it begins to feel that way again and again without it.
Meera: If I do experience it this way, should I still do the Omnipresent Meditation?
Sat: Still continue, even if you know how it is and you feel it more often, still go back to it. Because every time that explosion happens, it gets you closer to feeling your own reality more often by realization. There is a realization there, and then when we do Stop Meditation or Stay or a gaze, immediately when the mind stops, the realization of our oneness, our greatness is there in that silence.
So, I encourage all of us, all of you, to do more Omnipresent Meditation until tomorrow. Momentarily, you don’t have to stay for half an hour, twenty minutes or ten minutes. Once this movement happens, you stay with it, you open your eyes and you stay with it for a few seconds, you open your eyes and you try to carry that until it fades away.

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