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Elaboration Of The Boss (mind) And The Story Of The Child

In this audio excerpt, Sat elaborates on “The Story of the Child on the Way Back Home” (video available above) and shares how we can use the wisdom of the story of the Boss to experience freedom from the mind and eliminate our ignorance.

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1st question: In the article “The Story of the Child Continued” it says, “The boss becomes inferior to ‘I am,’ which is still a thought but it is the mother of the thoughts. So, when the mother of the thoughts ‘I am’ or ego decides to go to the direction of silence, the boss and thoughts also follow the ‘I am’ to the silence, so the boss becomes the follower.” Can You please elaborate on this a little bit more?
Sat: “I am” happens around the age of two to three, when the child can recognize its name, recognize that it is walking, that it has a toy in its hand. etc. That is why it is the first thought. Then upon this entity that we call ourselves with different names, ideas come and stick to it, such as “I am a girl” and this and that. Every time that we do meditation together or alone, when we take the energy downward to our heart and we experience expansion and silence, at that time, the “I am” has merged into the source of itself, which is God. And the mind has subsided and you cannot say “I have a mind” or “I don’t have a mind.” That is the boss becoming the servant. The more we do this, the more we dip into our own nature of holiness, the more what once was the boss, with tons of ideas that the “I am” believed, it reverses itself. The mind begins to remind you to seek silence. It reminds you to do one of the practices, it reminds you to do Stop. It’s just a thought that comes, but the thought that comes has the grace of that dipping. It doesn’t have the world behind it; it has God behind it.
When your thoughts have the support of the world, meaning jumping from one thought to the other, to the other, etc. the Self is hidden. Not that It is not there, It’s just hidden. And once you begin to go Home often enough, what happens is that the boss also learns to subside. As the realized souls would say, “it sits at the feet of the inner Guru” and it doesn’t rise with such a strength all the time. That is what it means!
Aida: It sits at the feet of the inner Guru?
Sat: Yes, it’s just symbolic to say that it descends and keeps quiet.
2nd Question: In that same article, it says, “The reason it is hard for you and there is resistance is because you are really getting rid of yourself, the self that caused you problems, and there is resistance to that. Once this resistance, this wall is broken and it falls down, the boss vanishes and the freedom is there.” What is this resistance and getting rid of yourself that is mentioned here? What is the remedy for this?
Sat: Getting rid of yourself means getting rid of ignorance. I am sure you all have experienced where you knew that the silence is the remedy to your anxiety, but somehow there is a resistance there to take that to heart and just sit and be quiet. There is a resistance to changing the ways that the thinker and the thoughts are used to. But this subsides as our practices advance. Like I was saying about the first question asked tonight, this only happens when we are getting used to an inner life rather than an outer life. Sometimes it might become boring for you or you get frustrated with it, that’s a sense of surviving that part of you that you are trying to go past!
Farnaz: Is there a remedy for this resistance?
Sat: The remedy is that you don’t do it forcefully. It is to Stay very simply whenever you can, without putting up a force or disagreement in the mind. It is not a decision to Stay, it is not a will to Stay, you just simply Stay. The simplest way of Staying is the one that does not irritate the mind. That needs expertise, that needs practicing with a force, and then learning the force is not doing it and just reminding yourself [of that]. Eventually you fall in the right rhythm for it, and once that happens things become very, very easy. The thought rises and it drops. It rises and it drops, because your passive gaze has become so accomplished, so permanently there, but again you fall and you get up, but you don’t give up, until you find the right rhythm of simplicity and a relaxed approach.
Aida: Does that rhythm happen automatically when you just continue to Stay, no matter what, even when you have resistance?
Sat: Exactly! Exactly! If each one of us who have really, really been interested in what we have been talking about the past few months and the past few years and who have practiced, goes back to a few months ago and a few years ago, you see a huge difference out of your effort, where things do not sit on you and grab you and choke you anymore like before. There is an okayness that you didn’t feel before, or there is a joy or there is a silence, and this is because we are associating with our true Self. That’s by association, like Adrienne was talking about - our satsangs. This is another satsang that happens, an outer satsang takes you to inner satsang. And this frequent satsang with the Self brings about peacefulness. There really is no other remedy, because I have been in this search of finding the truest way for Myself since I was 18. I can vouch to the fact that I have not found anything simpler, safer, and more effective than what we are doing.
Aida: One more hallelujah moment.
Sat: Yes, I can say that and I always say it to those around Me, because it doesn’t belong to Me. It was out of the grace, that’s why I can compliment the grace. We are all benefitting from the immense, deep, highest Truth that was given to us.
Adrienne: Is it more of a surrender than a forcefulness?
Sat: Yes, but even the word surrender can make your mind feel like it needs effort to surrender. It is just being without being this or that. It is even simpler than surrender. If you look at the desk you are sitting at, or wherever you may be sitting, and gaze on that for a moment and Just Be. Simply Be, then you will see that everything is gone and there is only nothingness or silence. That’s the most correct way of dealing with the Stop Meditation.
Right now, we can all do that and get a taste of it. Just gaze outwardly at something but your gaze turns inward at the same time. It is a state of simplicity, Just Being, Just Being without an adjective, without an object. In other words, we become the subject, we just Stay.
Now, a thought comes, Be. You don’t need to use any words or any method for that. Just simply relax and immediately the energy comes downward by itself and the thought vanishes. When we do that enough times, it happens automatically.
This is the correct way of doing Stop Meditation, for a lack of [a better] word I called it Stop thirty years ago, but really as [far as] the refinement of this goes it is so much simpler than that word.

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May 18, 2021

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