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Consciousness Being Conscious Of Itself

Sat elaborates on consciousness being conscious of itself and the effect of such practice.

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"Be Conscious of Consciousness" meditation is located here:


Aida: My dear Sat, when You taught us about consciousness being conscious of itself, I was wondering can You open that up for us: consciousness being conscious of itself?
Sat: Yes, of course. When we are conscious of other things, it takes us away from pure consciousness. But when we have gaps of silence, conscious silence, not just silence because you do not have anything else to say, when we are aware of silence in between talking or in between doing, then we begin to feel ourselves instead of objects. That is when you are conscious that you are conscious. It is you without all the other stuff that goes with it and in that moment, you feel your own Presence. You are conscious of your Presence, which is consciousness itself.
So, when I say “conscious of consciousness” it means you are conscious of your Presence. Then, when we get involved with doing, saying, etc., that is when we are not conscious of the pure consciousness. That is what it means and it is a very big point because how often do we live by thinking about different objects, different decisions, different things that are going on and then the feeling of that true, pure beingness is lost in it.
It is like the quote we had today for our silence reminders that are sent every two hours. “We say today is Tuesday, tomorrow is Wednesday, but do we also check and see if we exist in either one of them?”
Gopi: When you say “be conscious of yourself,” being conscious of the presence, being conscious of my existence as well as being conscious of my entity, the “I am” entity, are these the same?
Sat: When I say “be conscious of consciousness,” you have already left the entity. Because the entity lives by thinking and when you are conscious of being, there is no presence of an entity.
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