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Class - Home Meditation

Sat discusses that the highest form of compassion is to wake oneself up and then present tools and solutions to help others wake up to realize the Truth of who we really are.

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*Sat is an abbreviation for Sathyam.

Summary: Sat discusses that the highest form of compassion is to wake oneself up and then present tools and solutions to help others wake up to realize the Truth of who we really are.

Sathyam: Let’s find that quiet place which Jesus called the “Kingdom within us.”

Meditation takes place for about a minute.

Sathyam asks about playing music in the background while meditating and if people enjoy it or if they find it distracting. Some respond by saying that they enjoy it and some say it is distracting. A little later on, Sathyam comments that it actually distracts the mind.
(Sathyam gets silent for a few minutes and then continues.)
Sathyam: Do any of you have any questions or anything you would like to share?
A man says: I am homesick.
Sathyam: I am glad you said that, because I would like to know what home you are missing?
He responds: My Home, the “heaven.”
Sathyam: Where is the “heaven” you are referring to?
He responds: Within us.
Sathyam: Did you go there?
He responds: Sometimes I could find it and sometimes I could not find my way.
Sathyam: That is because there is no “way''. When something exists, why would you need a way to get to it? For example, there is air here, and it would be as if we said, “I would like to draw a map to get some air. How do I get some air?” The only thing that keeps us from actually experiencing Home is thinking that we are not Home, and trying to find a way to get Home. The mind has a tendency to give at least 2,000,000 reasons in any given lifetime that there is a need to search for Home. This applies to whether it is Home on the outside or Home on the inside, and that is absolutely a lie. What is permanent is actually that Home; everything else is somewhat of a semi-truth.
I have been in silence for a while, so I am having a hard time talking right now, and unless you guys stimulate it out of Me, I may not be able to talk too much. What would you like to talk about tonight?
After some time a man says: Home.
Sathyam: Every time that the mind is ignored or a desire in the mind is ignored, we are Home. Every time we stop going with the mind, we are Home. This is what happens invariably; Home is the silence when one does not identify oneself with the mind and its activities. And this is exactly why we do the Stop Meditation. It is amazing how important it is to be Home often!
I usually write in My diary when I have a prompting; I was going through My diary and I read something that I had written down a while ago. I had written that the five senses correspond with the five elements. Unlike what people do here, in other countries people try very hard to not waste water, physical space, energy, fire, etc. All things are therefore being conserved. Why is this? It is not because they don’t have it just as abundantly as we do; they conserve because they see that if they waste, they would be in trouble later on or they would have to pay higher bills. The same thing goes for our five senses. Whenever we have a task that we need to use the five senses for, we use them and immediately thereafter we send them Home. We therefore conserve the five senses and that is a peaceful mind. In other words, if we have a task that we need to get done that requires us to use our hearing, our seeing, etc., we use them and then immediately thereafter we try not to waste it away, and take our focus back Home again. That is what being at Home often is all about.
Home is very peaceful, as those of us who were able to, experienced tonight. By dipping in Home, our mental state will be in better harmony. Many people who do not go Home enough, will have a lot of mental or emotional problems. So we have to go Home as much as we can. Home is that silence, where you do not go with your thoughts, when you Stop; that is Home. So it is a very important place to be.
The other thing that I would like to talk about is that we are so fascinated with what we see, hear, etc. and yet, whatever we see or hear has originated from the inside. Does everyone follow this? If you do not understand, please tell Me.
In other words, when you sit by the window and watch the snow fall down, you feel a certain peace and serenity in you. You may even have other feelings, like being homesick. Did every drop of snow bring joy to you as it fell, or made you feel homesick? Are these feelings incarnated in every drop of snow? Or did it come from you? (Some people comment that they come from us.)
What we see outside is really a creation of what is inside. So the more peaceful we are, the more we will be put in peaceful situations; and the more chaotic we are in our minds, the more we will be placed in chaotic circumstances. This is because the outside is a reflection of the inside. It is like looking in the mirror; when you look in the mirror, what do you see? You see yourself. If you make a funny face, that is what you see in the mirror.
However, if you are sitting peacefully in front of the mirror, the mirror will reflect that same image back and everyone who walks in the room says to themselves, “Oh my God, I wish I was like her- calm and peaceful.” A mirror is not even real!
This is how one can stand up to the position of God, because God is Omnipresent, so all of us are also Omnipresent- I mean that we are all part of that. But how come we don’t feel it? Because we are not allowing our reflection to show that purity, since we are so involved with the mind and the body.
These words may lull your mind to sleep, and I see a lot of sleepy eyes here in this room tonight. Do you know why? Because the mind that sleeps is a heart that awakens. When the mind hears the Truth, it begins to fall asleep, because there is no longer any need for it, but the heart has to understand what is happening here.
I am almost positive that everybody sitting here understands what fortunate news it is that God is Omnipresent. That is truly extraordinary news, but what good is it if we don’t benefit from it? It is like the story from My country about an old lady who loses her needle at home, but goes outside to look for it under the bright street light.
So what good is it then to say “God is Omnipresent”? What does that mean? What is God even? That is a good question to ask, what is God? Of course we all have concepts of God, such as something greater, a power, salvation, etc. But these are all our concepts; what is God, really?
Someone responds: God is love.
Sathyam: Very good, that is one of the attributes of God. Then we can ask “What is love, really?” I am not trying to be tricky here; I am just saying that in admitting that we do not know, the mind stops and in that Omnipresence is experienced. As long as we think we know, there is an activity of knowingness such as logic, judgments, comparison and concepts. However, once we realize that we don’t really know what God is, the mind stops. And right there we have experienced the Truth, right at that moment. This is how simple it actually is.
Again in reference to our talk earlier about going Home, in order to get Home, you just have to know what is not your Home! A lot of things that we think are our Home actually take us away from our Home. Home is that tranquility which each one of us experienced within ourselves, and that tranquility is a base to the universe. No matter where we are in the universe, if we know the method of going Home, we will find Home there immediately.
There is a lady who goes by the name of Peace Pilgrim, who has written a fascinating book. She walked for peace. She really did not do anything for peace; she just walked in peace; that is all she did. It took about 16 or 17 years of preparation for her to be able to do that. She just walked around the United States two or three times. Since she was living in the wilderness at times, she would get picked up and placed in jail, just so she would have a place to stay for the night. Invariably, every time she walked into the jail, there would be many women there who needed her help. They had been praying for someone to come along and show them the way. But she kept quiet; she did not specifically stand for anything; she was simply peace on two feet. She would be directed to where she needed to be at all times. One of the nights that she was in a jail cell, it was very noisy with women crying, yelling and being stressed out. She says, “I lay my body down” that is how she referred to herself, she would not say “I lay down on the ground” and “I said to it go to sleep, and my body went to sleep.” How is that possible? It is possible because she is constantly in a state of Home and that is what makes it so accessible.
Whenever we are homesick, it is a very good feeling; I call it yearning. Believe Me, I have been homesick so many times in My life; but eventually, we have to realize that Home is closer to us than our own body, because we are constituting our own Home. Then what happens is that the more we are Home, the less we take thoughts, such as “What is my future going to be like? How am I going to pay for this or that? What should I do tomorrow? Did I do well ten years ago? Should I be with this or that person? Should I answer this call?” Everything happens spontaneously in the form of grace. Since there is no mind, something else has to take over and what takes over is All-Knowing.
This is all great news, I am thrilled! (Laughs wholeheartedly) Am I the only one who is enjoying My own words?
A man says: I am enjoying your words too, but I have a question. This condition of “Being” that You are referring to, is it compatible with having a social life?
Sathyam responds: That is a very good question, because the answer actually lies in that Home. When you are interested in being Home, at first you do not know where Home is. So you look for it; you look for someone to tell you where Home is.
Knowing that though does not mean that you are going to sit at Home. It needs work; it needs work to let go of the things that were never Home. Now, does it interfere with your social life? You bet your life it does! This is because the things that used to interest you become worthless! Does it stop you from becoming a doctor and making money? No. But when you become a doctor, you will be a damn good doctor, because not only do you work with people as their doctor, but also because of being Home often, you will have intuition and will uplift people just by being around them. Can we however have the same lifestyle as before? No we cannot! Our friends will not understand us; they will judge us and leave. This happened to Me and it is just as well that certain friends left My life, because what they were replaced with is beautiful.
The beauty of this is that freedom is a lack of desire. We can all accomplish amazing things, but when we do not have the desire to accomplish them, we walk with grace. I know this can happen, I really do. We can walk with grace; it can happen to all of us.
How many of you have been able to make contact with your inner conscious voice on your own or through all that we have talked about here, all of these years? That is where you get your guidance from!
-A woman talks about starting to use her conscious voice and how sometimes she will get the sense that she needs to wait or not make any decisions, which is new for her.
Sathyam: Yes, that happens to us quite often, and I will give you a good example of this. A few years ago, when My brother was ill, My mom contacted Me stating that he had misplaced some very important documents. He contacted our parents asking them if he had left them at their house. They looked everywhere and could not find them. At this point My mom was getting very agitated and restless and wanted to come to our house to look for them. I did explain that since the documents had never been in our house, she would not be able to find them there. However, she kept insisting that she needed to come over and look for them at our house. So, I allowed her to do so, however, the entire time she was pulling Me into activity by saying, “Let’s look here or there.” All the while, the inner Home or the inner conscious voice kept calling Me. That is the Home and it kept calling Me to be quiet, to just be quiet. But My mom was not allowing Me to do that.
Finally, I knew that I needed to leave and I did not even tell her that. We have a meditation tree in our front yard and I went and sat under it to meditate. No sooner had I sat down that it was all resolved. It was completely clear to Me what had happened and exactly where they were. Had it not been for My frequent trips to My Home, I would not know how to get there in the middle of chaos, or the Home would not shout to pull Me in and say, “Listen, this is what is happening.”
Going Home completely affects our day to day life, our social life and our material life. However, we have to have a way to do that. We need to listen to our conscious voice, when we are quiet and in the stillness of our heart. We can bring our attention to the region of the heart, and ask a question and then be quiet. Pretty soon things will become clear and will be expressed to us; in the way that it is supposed to be expressed to us.
So on that note, let’s go Home. Let’s go Home anxiously, willingly and happily.

Meditation takes place for about 4 minutes.

Sathyam continues: In order to be Home with the eyes open, all we have to do is believe that we are already Home, and everything else will fall away. But if we look for it, we start a struggle! So when we open our eyes and we go about our business daily, let us remind ourselves that “I am the Home, I am That,” no matter what we are doing.
Before we go, I would like to say that each one of us are embodiments of God, we are embodiments of love. The treasure house that we have will never be taken away from us, it cannot be burnt down, it cannot be flooded, and it cannot be ruined. Having this knowledge, let us make it the priority of our lives to find this treasure, to use it, to swim in it, to exist in it, and from there benefit the whole universe.


Home Meditation
May 17, 2005

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