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Being A Caregiver

Sat discusses having quality time with those who are dear to us by putting duty aside.

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Mandana: I wanted to share that I am visiting my mom right now who is very precious to me. She is ill and each time I visit her, I basically take care of all her appointments, etc. She is able to do a lot on her own still, so this time I set my caregiving role aside and was just a daughter again. I was connecting with her being, because out of that being I experienced a lot of wisdom and kindness. This time I could feel it differently and enjoyed it a lot more.

Sat: Wow, that was really nice. It was nice because it is so important, like you said, to put the duty aside and just pay attention and have quality time with someone that is dear to us. I think it is such a big mistake and everybody that doesn’t know better does it- to constantly want to fix and repair something. We lose sight of that which is most important - to just have a heart-to-heart gaze. To be able to hear like never before and be present! I think that gives people much more inspiration and healing than anything else.

Sepideh: On the same note, I took care of my mother who was disabled on my own for ten years. You personally told me this many, many times but unfortunately, I was not able to do it until the very, very end. It really took a toll on me. With Your help and guidance though the last few weeks or so was a different experience. I wanted to thank You again, had it not been for Your guidance, the last two weeks would have been the same as the last ten years prior. I have to admit that unfortunately I was not able to put what You had told me into practice at the time - to focus on love and not taking care of [her] as a chore. But the end was magnificent due to Your help and guidance.

Sat: Yes, what is most important is that it did happen and it happened at the most crucial time and that is because like I have said before, I am sure I have said it to you personally, privately - a person goes through transformation towards the end, and it is unbelievable to watch! The purification that happens is magnificent like you were saying. To be able to drop everything and just really observe this miraculous release of attachment and wants. Then by doing that, both people are graced and the game finishes in the most perfect way, rather than painful. I really deeply am very, very happy that you had that chance because I watched you really taking care of your mother, but what you did towards the end really stamps the whole labor you had gone through.

Sepideh: I never had a very loving or mother-daughter relationship with my mother, because of her nature, or my nature - I don’t know! But I want to say that especially towards the end, the transformation really, truly got my heart to the point where I appreciated her being, as a mother - even though I had never felt that [before]. The whole picture changed in my heart after 60 some years and that itself was a big experience for me.

Sat: I know, I know, for sure! And I am glad that you are sharing it, it’s very important that we share this type of thing. Isn’t it amazing and wonderful that all the other stuff during your lifetime with her and her with you was just completely healed and faded away and what was left was love and understanding? That is the best way to finish a karma - meaning any type of affairs with the individual.

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Being A Caregiver
July 5, 2022

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