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Be Aware of the Gap Between Yourself & Your Thoughts

Sat discusses unconscious thoughts and how to be conscious of them.

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Sat: Be aware of your unconscious thoughts means be aware of yourself, rather than finding yourself in the activity of the mind. When you are actively watching your mind, you are unconscious. When you feel separated from it, you are conscious. There is no way that someone is actively conversing in the mind and is aware of themselves. The only time that you are aware that you exist, or you are aware of your own presence is when there is separation between your attention and your reaction and the thoughts. So, being aware of the unconscious mind is having that gap between yourself and the thoughts and feelings and emotions.
Before we were on this path … everything was unconscious, even if we thought it was not, because you couldn’t find yourself in it. You couldn’t find your presence in your activity. Everything is outgoing, outgoing, outgoing. As long as you cannot feel yourself, you are not yourself. So these practices and the wisdom and these contemplations, allow us to collect all of that outgoing addiction that makes life unconscious and bring it back to itself.
Even when you think about talking to a friend or colleague or neighbor or a family member, and you think about what you are going to say to them, if you are not aware of yourself when you are in front of them, the words are unconscious; they are just prepared words. They are not conscious, because you are not in it. All of a sudden, your mind just spits it out (the words). You have to be in every word that you say.
I am completely conscious of what is coming out of My mouth. But it has nothing to do with the mind; My mind is not helping Me. It’s a very, very subtle explanation and I am talking to Myself, completely.
In other words, when you want to give your car away, you have to have a car in order to give it away. Otherwise, you giving the car away is just imagination. There is an imagined car and there is an imagined key and you are giving it away, or promising to give it to someone. Being aware is not being aware of your feelings and your fears, your responsibility, or your individuality. Feeling aware is none of these things; it is devoid of these things even. Not only is it not these things, but it has to be devoid of these things.

You must feel your self, that existence, that being more than you notice other things. That’s what makes other things complete, perfect, harmonious and real. How many times a day (do you feel “I am?”) … I am not talking about your feelings now… I am not talking about your thoughts, how many times a day do you really feel “I am, I am here?” I doubt that it is very often. Because we were not taught to do that, we were taught to concentrate, concentrate on our computer, concentrate on this and that. We were never taught to have our attention on the one that is giving attention to others, on the one that is talking to others, on the one that thinks. I am talking to Myself.

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Be Aware Of The Gap Between YourSelf&Your Thoughts
Jan 18, 2019

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