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Sat talks about how to deal with grief.

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Mandana: I have a question about how to deal with grief. I lost a very dear loved one a few years ago and I still feel a huge emptiness inside of me. This has been very difficult for me to deal with. I would really appreciate any guidance You could give me.
Sat: Yes, thank You for sharing. I understand that that could be very, very hard emotionally and feeling the emptiness. In Most Precious, it says that when we lose someone precious, mourning is not bad at all, to feel sad, cry and feel the yearning for that person. But to stay there for too long is not beneficial. There are ways that you can come [to] help yourself. And one of the ways is you coming into true spirituality, [a] true inner life. I always say that when something like that happens, which has happened a few times in My life, it is the biggest opportunity for an inner life. Because the pressure on the physical level is so great that the only choice that [it] leaves us, if we are smart enough like yourself, is to turn to an inner life that is permanent and does not disappoint us.
So having said that, I think you should sit down and truly look at your feelings about this and then ask yourself this question, “How long do I want to carry this?” And then be quiet! And then ask again, “How long is it necessary for me to feel bad?” And then again be quiet! I say be quiet, because you see that it is so unnecessary at this time. [You can] let it go, by Stay Meditation, Stop Meditation, by reasoning with yourself that now you want to live and you choose to have an inner life! And you are going to use this unfortunate opportunity to really ride it towards the Light. So that is My suggestion to you and I am glad that you are going on the website. I am glad you are reading [materials related to the path].
As I was recently saying, each human being through discomfort and pain has to come to terms to free themselves and unfortunately it happens through sorrow more than it happens through joy. That is why I call it an opportunity.

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