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What Is Mother Nature?

Sat explains what Mother Nature is.

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Question from Gopi’s Grandson: “ What is Mother Nature?”
Sat: It is Shakthi, the movement, Divine Mother. Mother Nature, now, how do we explain that to a child? (Remains quiet) I think the way I would say it, if My child asked, I would say [when] we say mother nature, [it] means we have to respect nature as we respect our mother. And that is the truth, that is why it originated. I feel intuitively that it is like a mother, it has lived a long time more than its children. Beyond mother nature, [there] is the Divine Mother that has control over the whole thing. That’s what I would say, Mother Nature is a name given to respect nature at all times, and not to harm the creatures and the vegetation, [but] have respect for it.

Parenting Call
August 6, 2022

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