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Calm Atmosphere & Tranquility In The House

In this short audio excerpt from a conference call on parenting, Sat discusses the importance of providing a tranquil environment at home.

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Calm Atmosphere & Tranquility in the House

Summary: In this short audio excerpt from a conference call on parenting, Sat discusses the importance of providing a tranquil environment at home.

Sharing: Many of us have followed Your recommendations on how to teach the Art of Living tools to our children and have completely noticed the results of it. We’ve seen creating a calm atmosphere in the house and the beautiful, calming effect of lighting candles and playing soft music throughout the day. And also of telling our children that they are the light and reminding them of who they really are. A lot of us have also noticed that bed time goes much smoother when we really commit ourselves to being fully present when we do night time meditations with our children or play them one of Your guided meditations for children. It really calms both ourselves and our children. We’re so grateful.

Sat: I don’t think that there is anything more important for a mother and father to do, than to create an atmosphere of tranquility in the house, not just by the altar, but throughout the house. And also, the capability to give our children the Art of Living is very important. Because as they grow up, it is not just the body that gets bigger - the mind gets bigger. The activity of the mind increases. So the biggest blessing that a mother and father can shower on a child is to realize that, once we pick up a body and we’re born in this world, this process does happen. The ideas, and the feeling of responsibility, crowd life. And to give them very simple techniques from childhood, really raises them above the crowd. It is the biggest expression of love that the parents can have for their children. We see teenagers and young adults that are struggling. For most of them, their lives aren’t even that hard. They’re struggling with their own mind. So it is not something to take lightly. It is a lifesaving approach to life.

So of course it makes Me very, very happy to hear the result. And it’s impossible not to get the result - it’s impossible. Because, first of all, every time you say “you are the light,” like Sarayna was saying about her two year old, even if she doesn’t understand it, and she probably doesn’t understand it, as deeply as it’s being said, but you’re recognizing her Truth. Like saying, “namaste,” and really seeing that reality in her. That’s what calms her down. It’s activating the Truth of her.

So, as simple as it is, it is also extremely deep and effective. I am glad that you all have this time, to remind each other and to report to one another. To Me, right now, the world and the bazaar is a mess, because it is not one character and personality just rising up and causing commotion - we are millions and millions of people. So imagine all these personalities without knowing their depth just talking nonsense and causing movement in that calm vibration. So it is not only great for our children what we are doing - but it is great for the atmosphere around us. To not be one of the others where we just emphasize on personality being good or bad and constantly punishing ourselves and others or praising for no reason ourselves and others - boosting our ego.

We are going really beyond this duality - and that’s where God is. And I really appreciate those of you that decided this is the right way to go with our children. Like “I Am the Child” talks about - the children don’t care if they have money or not - particularly at the age that you guys have children - they just want a happy home. And so they don’t think of their future, they don’t think of all the worries and concerns that the grown ups have. So this is why the atmosphere of the home is most essential for raising the children.

And also, without you having to do anything, it creates Self-confidence in them. The more peace they have, the more Self-confidence they have. And you know what Sai Baba says about Self-confidence being the foundation of Self-realization.
Parenting Call

Question: You have emphasized having a home that is peaceful and quiet, but when there is fighting or struggle or problems that exist in the home, how can we continue to provide that peaceful, tranquil environment for our child? What is the solution for this?

Sat: You see My dear, that is exactly when you have to bring peace to the home. If a mother and father can set aside their own selfishness, issues or challenges they themselves may be having, whether it is work related, etc. whatever it may be, to not show that to the child or have the child see it. Some people believe that a child should know everything that is going on, I believe that a child does not need to know anything negative. And that is because his mind can translate these in a way that could be very damaging for him. He is still little, he still doesn’t have an understanding, he still hasn’t had certain experiences in life, any problem that may be going on in the home should remain in the silence behind the curtain. When you are around your child, all the struggles and challenges have to be set aside and the impression should be given to the child that everything is safe, everything is Ok. That everything is peaceful, even if everything is not ok. Let your child not lose sight of the peace. This is extremely important, this is what I always followed Myself, I am telling you exactly what I had been doing throughout raising My children.
There should be no fighting, discussions and things of this sort in front of the child. There should be no discussion of things that are frightening. If there is any crying or tears shed out of sorrow or frustration or anger, it should be behind the curtain. What has the child done to deserve that? To watch that and be affected by it? He or she has only been in this world for only five or six years. The struggles that the adults face are their struggles; their karma is their own, the child has thousands of their own karma to go through when they get older.
I am not sure if I answered your question but be very careful all of you about this. Be watchful to the extent that is fully possible, not just one parent but both the mother and father.
Parenting Call

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